A little conversation about a grass roots movement regarding boardwalk repair promoted Long Beach resident John into creating a facebook group called Screw The Boardwalk. Originally the group’s goal was for us to take matter into our own hands with drills and screws, but then thought of liability and a pissed off union changed a few minds (including mine). Now its goal is to bring awareness to the city that we residents want to help.

John’s group manifesto is the following:

We started this page as a means of showing the city that we want to help. We get it, the city is cash strapped. But we also get that this isn’t a ‘big ticket item’ and that, with a little elbow grease and some civic pride, the citizens of Long Beach could help the city restore the boardwalk in pretty short order and at extremely low cost.

If you’re down with the idea, LIKE this page and SHARE it with your friends. Once we get a decent mass of people, we’ll work with the city to make it happen. You have our word, if enough people step up, we shall not drop the ball on this.

So get on it. Spread the word. Screw the boardwalk! 

Check out the group @ Facebook:  Screw the Boardwalk and maybe we can make a difference!


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5 thoughts on “SCREW THE BOARDWALK [Facebook Group]”

  1. No problem. Last week it was an overload of decobike articles, this week it’s the boardwalk. What’s next week? haha

    For those who clicked the link on the bottom of this article, it has now been fixed. So click again if you want to join the group.

  2. Tracy from LB just emailed me this. LINK: Man gets in trouble for filling town potholes. I say we wear disguises and we screw the boardwalk in the middle of the night. Opps. did I just give our identity away?

  3. yeah, someone just posted the same article on the fb page. i think the dude was pretty awesome. certainly got the results he was looking for.

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