The Jackson To Remain a Hotel?

A few weeks back I was told that the Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NYwas sold for 10 million. Last week I had that info confirmed by a higher authority, adding the possibility that it will most likely remain a hotel. Now, the most recent info comes from a Concerned local resident, who lives in its vicinity:

This weekend workers have been stripping out all the TVs and a variety of other stuff (sheet rock, cabinets, broken glass, garbage, etc) and tossing it into the alley behind the building. Early this AM a couple guys in a van came by and removed a couple loads of stuff (mostly the antique TVs). The workers are telling folks that the new owner is going to renovate and that it will be a sort of hotel. Rumors are rampant in the neighborhood as to the sort of hotel and the owner; oddly there are no dumpsters and no work permits posted in any of the windows. Interesting times…

They later added:

[we were] able to briefly speak to a well-dressed couple who arrived at the building yesterday about 5pm and identified themselves as in-laws of the new owner; a gentleman we had observed arrive earlier in very casual attire, but were not able to engage. They indicated that the building is going to become a “classy” hotel with a restaurant and bar. Sometime yesterday evening the van returned and cleaned out the rest of the TVs from the alley.

I passed the Jackson and noticed myself that things appeared to be different: The place looks empty –  no dusty books in the windows, drapes are gone, etc. So what do you think? Can Long Beach use another “classy” hotel? Can the Jackson be resurrected into something wonderful? This place needs to be completely gutted, or it’s not going to work.


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17 thoughts on “The Jackson To Remain a Hotel?”

  1. Long Beach needs a moderately priced hotel. I don’t think the demand is there for something high-end and when I ride my bike by Allegria at night and see all the lights off in rooms, I think it confirms it.

  2. Competition is good. Would love to see a moderately priced hotel with a nice restaurant / bar as a destination on the boardwalk (or right off).

  3. I agree. It would be great to have a moderately priced hotel for out of town family, at the very least. Whose relatives can afford $500 + a night at the Allegria just to stay closer than RVC?

  4. Yeah exactly- even the Groupon deals for Allegria are lackluster at best. I know a lot of girls have said things like they wish Allegria was cheaper so they could have bachelorette parties there.

  5. Maybe they were out partying or sleeping- idk- i suppose settling out of bankruptcy court is the mark of any successful hotel

  6. 122 rooms and a restaurant and no mention of where all these cars will park. Oh, wait, this is Long Beach, Zapson is the attorney for the new owners, so they will just do as the Allegria and shanghai parking spaces and make them up in the intersection. Local residents, beachgoers and surfers too bad!

  7. The real problem with this location is parking. If they don’t create some parking nothing will succeed there. I can’t imagine anyone paying for a hotel room and having to drive around looking for parking. Perhaps they will knock down the 2 story apartment buildings to the east of the hotel. Has anyone heard any rumors about that place being bulldozed as part of this project?

  8. I wouldn’t doubt it. Franklin to Lincoln on Bway is trash! Starting to renovate since those condo’s were built and now the hotel.

  9. Why are city workers taking the trash away from the hotel. Shouldn’t they be using dumpsters like everyone else when renovating. Doesn’t the city have to pay per truck to Hempstead?

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