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Ray & Jordan are two locals who started, a long beach-based website that focuses on board short reviews and a whole lot more.

The idea for the website came up after Jordan finished business school. He wanted to write about things that he loves, like surfing and living an active beach lifestyle. His friend Ray decided to join him. “I thought it was great idea and could be very helpful to anyone that surfed or just spend time on the beach.”

I recently caught up with Ray & Jordan and asked about their website.

So tell us about

We want to write about board shorts so people don’t waste time and money buying a pair that are all hype or don’t perform like they should. Surfing is a small, tight knit community and some of the best info comes from sharing knowledge with our friends.

Will you just offer board short reviews or more?

The blog will also focus on related news that people may not see in the front page news, such as surfing, skating, snowboarding, etc.

We will also post when stores and websites have sales on board shorts. Because shorts are getting more expensive every year, saving 20% is a big deal when you’re dropping over $70 on a new pair.

Other related-apparel will be mentioned on the blog as well. We got the most hits when we blogged about Nike and Hurley doing a co-branded limited edition Nike sneaker last week (see post: Nike and Hurley Finally Team Up in Joint Release).

What got you started?

Jordan: I started the website because I always find cool surf industry news that doesn’t get much coverage and I think alot of people will appreciate things like that, as well as when they can save money during online sales.

Last year I bought a pair of new technical Fox shorts that were the Ian Walsh signature shorts; the seams were all wrong and weren’t comfortable. After an hour, I had bad chaffing. I realized most websites were not helpful when you wanted to know specific details about shorts (how fast they really dry, are the seams placed correctly, do they run big or small).

So I started the website this year after getting a few new pairs of board shorts and wrote about how they REALLY performed. Bigger and more expensive doesn’t mean better, because Nike’s shorts were the worst pair I have ever worn.

So, you really do your research?

Jordan: Every pair of shorts I write about I have worn while surfing, swimming, paddling, etc.

Ray and I talk every day about contest results, surf trips, surf equipment, etc. There must be thousands of other surfers working 9-5 that will enjoy reading stuff like that in one blog location while they are at work or home and can’t get to the beach.

You can find Ray & Jordan’s blog online @, or LIKE them on Facebook @

Good luck guys!


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