A 30 Unit Building Coming to New York Avenue with No Parking? [Updated]

UPDATE: A reader named John sent the following flyer regarding this property @ 158 New York Avenue Long Beach, New York, along with the following passage:

On the flip side of your concerns, and as a person who lives in the area, I can see the development having a positive impact on the building on the SE corner of NY Ave/West Beech. Many a businesses have failed in the now empty commercial spaces of that building. In my estimation, it’s because no foot traffic makes it down that way. The new development could provide the ‘feet on the ground’ needed to bring life back to the eastern entrance of the west end.

A 30 Unit Building Coming to New York Avenue with No Parking? That’s what is on this month’s zoning board agenda! I am referring to 158 New York Avenue Long Beach, New York, the former gas station lot.  Arcadia Mgmt. LLC of Long Beach filed an application with a waiver for off street parking. Wait, no parking?? Where are these people going to park?? The parking situation in that area is insane as it is. I hate to be a NIMBY person, but seriously, there is no parking in that area already. Maybe I’m missing something… Am I? Will there be parking underneath?

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  1. According to a flyer I read, they’re proposing to use to schools courts as a parking lot…or something along those lines. Whether they’ve worked out something with the school already and where the kids would play if true, I have no clue.

    I’ll email you a photo I took of said flyer.

  2. I wonder if they are going to use the vacant store on the corner of Beech St, just across from where Matteo’s restaurant was.?
    This place has been for rent for years.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t think our zoning board has the savvy to push for car free housing schemes. It would set such a nifty precedence for future planning.

    It is EXTREMELY cost effective for the builder and the renters if parking is not provided- the economics of parking is quite ridiculous it might just knock you off your chair.

  4. Hey, after living in the NY city and queens for 15 years, I got used to parking a few blocks from my apartment. I actually liked it because it gave me some exercise. People around here want to park right in front of where they live. So that’s why I make it an issue here.. I’m all for a more walkable and bikeable long beach, but we’re not there yet. Hopefully soon. Lets first turn Park Ave into a 2 lane road first…. if they fix the lights, people won’t complain. It will actually be better for them.

  5. This is down the block from my apartment. I’m a block east and parking is a freaking nightmare as it is. I seriously hope they shoot this one down. As much as I hated living in Los Angeles at least they have permit parking for residents in the most popular tourist areas and requirements for parking in new construction.

  6. Tracy brings up a good point in terms of permit parking. All we hear about always is how broke LB is, with minimal solutions on how to generate revenue. I live right near East Broadway and Edwards and always wondered why LB doesn’t make, many areas resident parking only for a small fee. Most apartment buildings, that have spots, charge well over $100/month for the parking spots and have waiting lists. Why wouldn’t LB consider significant resident only parking areas for $100 a year?

    Clearly, LB pays enough of these light blue shirt auxiliary fake cops to patrol everything, so why not something else. LB had no problem sending these light blue shirts out to ask RESIDENTS/TAX PAYERS to move their cars from parking on East Broadway and Edward’s for the fireworks event to allow none residents the freedom of parking spots. Who makes these decision and why do they have a job?

  7. The City is considering resident parking stickers that coincide with parking meters. If you’re a resident, you don’t pay for the meter. That’s all I can say at this moment.

  8. It says the use of the school’s parking lot is for commercial use, not residential. Maybe Serata is requesting the use of the lot during off hours.

  9. why not charge for parking on that lot at Edwards and East Broadway? It would bring in $$ for the city and keep out the overnight Hotel parking at the same time
    Right now the Hotel charges $25.00 pr night to park and they use the city streets or the lot for their parking and pocket the $25.00 pr car.
    So Duh!

  10. J.R.,

    I don’t understand the city’s hesitance to give residents parking priority. As much as we pay to live here it’s ridiculous that we should have to park blocks away. As has been pointed out in previous posts, many of the visitors don’t bother paying for beach access and so they really aren’t contributing to our economy anyway. If you make them park near the restaurants perhaps they would actually spend money in them?


    We have parking meters in Long Beach? I’d rather pay an annual amount to park in front of my apartment.

  11. We don’t have them yet, but I’m hearing about the idea of putting them near the beach and also on Park Avenue by the shops. If you are a resident, you don’t pay to use them because you’ll have a sticker. Early stage of planning… Who knows if it will ever happen…

  12. the city does have resident only parking. its 10/year. a steal if you ask me. also we dont have parking meters. we used to back in the “bad day”s but that led to trouble. id be all in favor of them coming back on park avenue or broadway for non residents.

  13. a second comment. i dont see what the problem with building would be. i feel as if their is routinely parking in front of the catholic school. also they could have underground parking as an option as many buildings do. we will see.

  14. Looks like the patch just wrote about this now….

    Anyway, I’m talking about street parking, not the lots. I am indifferent when it comes to parking meters.. I usually walk or ride my bike around town, so it doesnt matter to me, but I am not sure if they solve anything or not.

  15. Mr. Lincoln.. First off the building with 30 units would bring at min 30 cars but who owns one car? Most people have 2 if not 3 so the 30unit building would bring a most likely 75-90 cars. If you live in the Walks or the West End you would understand why this is a terrible idea.

  16. 3 years ago the school said no to Matteo’s for use for commercial at night due to the oils from the cars why would the school change their minds?

  17. I would love to see resident only parking in the West End. We are virtual prisoners in our homes on weekends. Many of my neighbors, especially those who work weekends, say they would happily pay for a guaranteed spot within a relatively short walk to their house.

    Both the Long Beach Master Plan and the Parking Study commissioned in 2008 recommended resident parking but lots of folks still worry about how to handle visitors etc. If resident only parking is adopted, open the resident lots to visitors and use kiosk meters. The study recommended two spots per family and the use of a trolley that would run a continuous loop from train station to west beech st and back.

    Love the idea of resident stickers and meters for non residents in the east end commercial area.

  18. This isn’t New York City, people won’t make the horrible quality of life compromises that city residents do and give up their automobiles because you think its “progressive.”

    People are completely car dependent if they want to leave the immediate area, nobody wants to be ***trapped*** in Long Beach without being able to access the rest of Long Island. The ex-manhattanites who only travel back and forth between the city on rail need to get a grip on reality.

  19. The city needs to use eminent domain and erect a multi-story parking garage on the site to ease the parking congestion in the West End.

    Force visitors into the LOT and designate a bunch of the street parking in the surrounding area as RESIDENT ONLY.

  20. Couldn’t the city just make a deal with a private investor, even the potential builder of this apt. complex, to consider building a parking garage instead and offer tax incentives? They can be built attractively. Hopefully the zoning board or whoever makes these decisions would insist on aesthetic considerations.

    Also, in the winter, let residents pay a monthly fee for parking in the garage. There’s lots of people who would love to have their cars off the streets so they don’t have to worry about digging it out for snow storms.

  21. no you’re not, WETom. The numbers above are a bit inflated. Your average household (single family home, 3 bedrooms) has 2.2 cars according to the national average. Fewer bedrooms = fewer cars. We’d need clarity on what the 30 units are actually going to be (1BR, 2BR, etc…) to make any sort of accurate assumption. My guess, it would be around 60, but that too is just a shot in the dark absent real facts.

  22. Good point, John. Is it 30 studios or 30 2 bedrooms? That will make a big difference.

    Everyone I know has one car and none of them are saying, “man I can’t wait to get a couple more of these.” I wish I could live in LB comfortably with no car.

  23. I didn’t realize how old school American Long Beach is until the subject of parking entitlement came up. It’s interesting.

    A car free mixed-use development with in-lieu fees to go towards transit infrastructure is the smartest thing the zoning board could possibly do for the city. Believe it or not, there are people who would rent or buy a dwelling without off street parking because they actually don’t own cars. The cost of housing with no parking provisions is reduced by an average 15%. The economics of it is so fucking amazing.

    The most recent development that we could draw parallels to is in Santa Monica. The zoning board approved a 56-unit mixed use development with zero parking. The in lieu parking fee was around $125,000 which IMO is a bit low but whatever.That fee went directly toward transit infrastructure. Good stuff.

    I’ve often wondered why the city continues to waive parking for new businesses and how more efficient it would be for the city to use parking in-lieu fees to offset the cost of public transportation.

  24. Y’all might have more parking if there weren’t so many unnecessary curb cuts and garages illegally converted that put more burden on parking.

    It’s kind of astonishing- take a good look around.

  25. Thats quite a nice fantasy, but please meet up with the rest of us in reality.

    But this is still Nassau County, Long Island.

  26. Stop acting like Long Beach is a self-contained world unto itself, where people live completely self-contained lives because it isn’t. There’s a constant flow of traffic in and out of Long Beach through The Loop, Atlantic Bridge, and Austin BLVD.

    Funding for public transportation is (NASSAU BUS) being slashed because the county is broke. Not having a car is not an option if you want to go shopping outside of Long Beach, visit friends/family, or want to get to work and don’t work in Manhattan.

    There’s already enough token public transportation up and down Park Avenue and Beach Street, look at the Bus Schedule, service is frequent and its underutilized, Most people don’t want to use it because if the distance is short enough (within) Long Beach, and the weather is nice enough they would rather Bike or Walk.

    During the Winter, when it sucks outside you’d be hard pressed to find a single person out riding a bike or walking more than the few blocks, the coastal winds are horrible. People use their cars more, and the buses are actually appropriately utilized.

    Any development of this property without on-site parking should be completely blocked, the west end is already an over-developed, overcrowded, quality of life nightmare.

  27. Here’s a good test to see if your vision for the future is realistic or not, given the terrible (and getting worse due to cuts) public transportation system that links Long Beach and the rest of Nassau County up.

    Try getting from the West End toPoint Lookout or Oceanside, in a reasonable amount of time, right now, in the rain without a car.

    You can’t.

  28. If you have strong feelings about this or anything else on zoning….SHOW UP FOR THE ZBA MEETING. Thursday, July 26, 2012, 7 PM, top of City Hall.

    It feels good to vent in a forum like this bulletin board, and I’m grateful that it’s here (thank you Anthony!). But Showing up for official meetings has the potential to change the quality of your Long Beach life.

    Things happen around here that the residents don’t like in part because….

    The Residents Don’t Show Up.


    Case # 2245: Application of Arcadia Mgmt. LLC of P.O Box 659 Long Beach, New York
    11561 for a variance from the following sections of the Zoning Code of Ordinances of the City
    of Long Beach, New York; Section 9-105.16 (a) Use (c) Rear Yard (d) Side Yard (e) Height 9-
    112 (2A) off street parking for a new 30 unit multiple dwelling at 158 New York Avenue Long
    Beach, New York also known as Section 59, Block 6, Lots 41-45 & 235-236 on the Nassau
    County Land and tax map.

    All ZBAs are constrained by law regarding what they can and cannot do. But you don’t have an easy opportunity to find out how that works….

    if you don’t show up!

    If you’d rather not sit alone sit next to me, I plan to be there. I’m easy to find, I carry a tri color (red panel/white leaf patterned panel/brown paneled), rather large, messenger bag, and I take notes.


    See you soon.

  29. Allisonb- I don’t think there is any demand for “car-free livin'” in LB. Any apartment that has parking spots is sold out of them. Even if you work in Manhattan and use the train, I don’t think anyone wants to come back to LB after work and be marooned here- especially in the winter.

    If all you want out of life is to walk to bars or one of 30 pizza shops, I guess you’d be OK.

  30. Unfortunately, I agree with John Kay. I have ridden the Nice bus to my mechanic in Island Park on Austin Boulevard, and not only was the bus ride kind of long, but it drops you off on Long Beach Road where you have to find passage through the LIRR tracks to get to Austin. Took me forever to walk. Might as well have just walked from Long Beach. Another time, I considered leaving the car behind and taking the bus to Roosevelt Field. The schedule showed it would take an hour! I think I can get there in 20/25 mins with a car. It’s hard to go car-free outside of Long Beach.

  31. Apparently this case has been postponed for next month so the management company can show residents their design and address any concerns.

  32. http://www.liherald.com/longbeach/stories/Company-withdraws-proposal-for-30-unit-building-,42372?page=1&content_source

    The LB Herald reports that Arcadia withdrew its application for a parking variance for a 30 unit apartment building prior to the ZBA meeting.

    From the Herald: “Just the threat shut them down,” Kelly said. “[Arcadia] was looking to pull this off surreptitiously and slip it in. When the press started asking questions to let people know what was going on, they backed off. There is a flier going around and this has caught them so off guard. People are looking to mobilize and get as many people up there as they can. They’re concerned about height, density and parking — those are the main issues. There may have been a hope that this was going to go very quietly.”

    However, this proposal shows that this owner is ambitious. I expect them to come back with another proposal.

  33. One thing I would like to suggest to residents: in my experience parking variances are relatively easy for a ZBA to reject successfully.

    Other communities on Long Island are routinely very successful at maintaining their codes, there is no inherent reason LB can’t also maintain its codes. There’s no reason for our city to be intimidated by a developer.

    Some variances are a little trickier to turn down; of course a variance rejection can always can be challenged by the developer. But in my experience, a rejected parking variance tends to be accepted by the developer and considered not worth challenging in court.


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