‘Screw The Boardwalk’ Needs Your Help, So Get On Board (no pun intended)

Back in October 2011, I made up a fake political party called the Transparency Party. My first order of business was to screw the boardwalk. Read (October 24th, 2011)- OPINION: The boardwalk is like an old car (and why I want to screw the boardwalk). With that in mind, I am happy to see a grassroots movement with the same intention start up independently by one of our readers (See: Screw The Boardwalk on Facebook).

Let’s face it, we all want to screw the boardwalk. The boardwalk screws us with broken boards, flat tires, high maintenance costs, raised nails and splinters. Why can’t we have a turn?

The good folks over at Screw the Boardwalk have done an impressive job building up support for the cause. 119 people in a week isn’t too shabby, but it’s not enough.If this is really going to happen though, they need our support. They made good on their promise and have reached out to the city asking that they make the event happen. For the city to agree to do this, they’re going to need to see an overwhelming amount of support.

Are you ready to step up for your community? Head on over to the facebook page and hit ‘like’. They’ll keep you posted about the progress being made and how you can get involved.  This is the definition of grassroots, people. Get on board (no pun intended), won’t you?

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5 thoughts on “‘Screw The Boardwalk’ Needs Your Help, So Get On Board (no pun intended)”

  1. KAYO
    JUL 16, 2012 @ 14:45:05
    I have never seen the fire island boardwalks in person. I know that the various communities have boardwalk’s that actually function as sidewalks and paths: They are wood not concrete. Is there a boardwalk in the state Park? I’ve never been there.

    The Rockaway boardwalk is ipe fastened with large stainless steel screws and everything has shaken loose. It’s a very expensive construction and is no better than LB. Veterans Memorial Park by the Rec has a small bay front boardwalk that is ipe fastened with stainless steel deck screws and is in good shape. Credit that to the absence of truck traffic, not the construction materials

    The LB boardwalk repair crew creates more work for themselves every day that they work, driving a large fleet of trucks on and off, and up and down the boardwalk. They drive on at the start of the work day, off and on for AM breaks, lunch, PM breaks 5-6-7 days per week. I witnessed this when I lived for 28 years in an oceanfront building..

    If a private contractor was doing the repairs, the crew would start work at the worksite, and take all breaks there and go home from the worksite, in their own vehicles. The city boardwalk crew travels to and from a building behind the ice rink as many as 6 times daily, using city trucks, city gasoline, and on the city payroll.

    The city goes for replacing the wood with concrete, they will doubtless have to replace the existing understructure. That too was designed for wood deck carrying walking people and bikers. The original boardwalk was built around 1907-9. It was a wood deck over a wood pile structure. All was demolished by the hurricane of 1938. The present boardwalk and it’s concrete bent understructure date to post 1938. It was constructed by The Works Progress Administration (WPA)
    under President Franklin D. Roosevelt

  2. i think the first order of business would be to let the City know that we as residents do not want to see any motor vehicles on the boardwalk. As that is the major factor in the destruction of the boardwalk. It seems like such a simple solution, why cant the City understand this ?

    I would suggest that this group use this as a starting point for conversations with the city.

  3. All – asking for less or no vehicular traffic on the boardwalk is definitely toward the top of our agenda. First thing though, is getting the city to let us help. Once we get our feet in the door, additional issues will be raised.

  4. That is asinine, all that on an off with the trucks. They should send somebody out for lunch and leave the trucks on site.

    I say we form a human chain to block the work trucks as a from of non-violent protest. Like Tiananman Square.

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