Illegal Housing Enforcement Update [Press Release]


Long Beach, NY – Earlier this year, the City of Long Beach announced the formation of a Housing Task Force that is being completely supported by a $30,000 community development grant. “Illegal Housing is a pervasive violation in our community,” states City Council Vice President Scott J. Mandel. “It overburdens our infrastructure, creates parking problems, and increases taxes in our school district. So our police department and building department are now working together to crack down on illegal housing. The best part about this program is that it is fully funded by the federal government and of absolutely no cost to taxpayers.”

Once a week, for the past several months, the Housing Task Force has been dispatched to all areas of the community, enforcing the City’s code. The team of two police officers and one building inspector has investigated many complaints. Several reports were unfounded, and the investigators were unable to gain entrance to some addresses. However, thus far, approximately 40 homes have been found to be in violation, and those property owners have been summoned to Long Beach City Court to see the judge. Offenses have ranged from illegal two and three families to rooming houses and garage conversions into rooms. “If you are currently renting illegally, now is the time to correct the violation,” comments Police Commissioner Michael Tangney. “If you are aware of anyone else renting illegally, now is the time to let us know. Additionally, if you were contemplating doing this yourself, now is certainly not the time to do so.”

The City urges residents who are aware of illegal apartments in Long Beach to contact the City’s Housing Task Force at 516-431-1000 ext. 239or via email at All complaints are kept strictly confidential and never disclosed to the owner of the premises.



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