Somebody Please Paint These Damn Ticket Booths! [Boardwalk Makeover]

Rumor has it, several years ago the city was all set to paint these ticket booths a nicer color, but one cranky, anti-fun person raised their voice and it was put on hold.  Painting these ticket booths would be a really inexpensive way to beautify our boardwalk. I know the colors I picked in my images aren’t ideal, but you get the idea.

Who else thinks these babies should be painted? (The garbage gives these images a lovely touch, doesn’t it?)

19 Replies to “Somebody Please Paint These Damn Ticket Booths! [Boardwalk Makeover]”

  1. We have so many artistic residents of Long Beach would be great to see them adopt a booth and grace us with there beautiful artwork (similar to the painted cows, horses in Manhattan of years ago).

  2. Do something…if it takes five LB city workers to nail one board I am sure they could find the time to paint one of these huts. ( then again it may require 10 city workers to paint each booth)

  3. I agree with KCE. Let the artists paint the booths. I’m sure they would love to donate their time to have their works so visible and beautify our city.

  4. I’m sure some local artists would love to paint the ticket booths. Maybe do a photography wrap on a few too! I think it would look great and be an attraction to the city. What better artistic venue for a beach town?

  5. Please don’t pick any local artist(s) at random…have you seen some of the artwork on the plaza?!?! Some of it has no pulse!!

    Artists submit proposals, manager picks the winner alongside some advice from a voting public via the website. Do this once a year. Allow artists from outside Long Beach for diversity?


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