City Council Meeting – August 7th Edition

What’s on the  August 7th agenda?

  • Item No. 1:

    It shall be unlawful for any owner, occupant or person having control of any lot or land, or of a plot of land along the sidewalk or street adjacent to the same between the sidewalk and the curb, to plant, grow and/or maintain bamboo. The term “bamboo” shall be defined as any tropical or semi-tropical grass of the genera Bambusa, Dendrocalamus or of any other related genera.”

  • “The Canals” street fixing talk:

Boyd Street (between East Chester Street and East Pine Street)

Vinton Street (from East Pine Street to the Bay)

  • Resolution Authorizing the Formal Adoption of the Long Beach Local Development Corporation. (It’s been a while since we heard about the LBLDC).
  • Annual Testing at the Water Treatment Plant. (Nothing to see here, expect some pesticides, prescription drugs, chlorine, etc…)
  • Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement for Alarm Administration Services. (Somebody please hit the snooze button!)
  • Resolution Appointing Eight (8) Members to the Board of Ethics for the City of Long Beach. (Don’t they know ethics and politics don’t mix?)
  • Resolution Authorizing the transfer of $9000 big ones. Legislative Memo: When boardwalk benches and bench plaques are purchased by the public, the payments are deposited into one account and then transferred to the Benches account as needed. (sit on it)
  • Publication specify the hours for all commercial garbage collection. (Hopefully this will keep the commercial garbage in the trash where it belongs and not flying around our streets, bay, ocean, sewers and in my yard.)
  • (What, no waivering of off-street parking requirements this week? What kind of City Council Agenda is this?)
  • (Well Deserved) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:

The following Firefighters:
Chino Cuevas
Nick Costantakos
Sam Pinto
Hadrick Ray
For Their Courage and Dedication While Responding to a
Fire in Lido Beach on July 27th, 2012

Elliot Zuckerman
For His Long Service to our Community by Sharing His
Joy of Surfing with Countless Students Through Surf2Live and
Special Needs Surfers Through Surfersway

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