New ‘Jackson’ Hotel Convention Rumor Confirmed?

A few weeks back I posted a rumor about the new ‘Jackson’ Hotel (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) providing space for convention use [see –New Jackson Hotel Rumor (…..a Convention Center? WHAAAT?)].

By conventions, I wasn’t talking about ComicCon. There are smaller events which facilitate smaller space. Think of the Flintstones when Fred and Barney had out-of-town Water Buffalo meetings, or in the Honeymooners when Ralph and Norton went out of state for a Raccoons meeting. How about Happy Days when Mr. Cunningham went to a Leopard Lodge seminar away from Milwaukee. Yeah, that sort of thing.

In today’s AOL-Owned LB Patch, a little bit of new info was revealed, which points to this convention rumor:

[quote]Kadosh [one of the owners] said the project should be completed within the next couple of months. He noted that the hotel will hold seminars, which “will bring good crowds to the city such as doctors and educators. This will also bring jobs to the people in Long Beach. “This will be a positive thing for people who use the hotel,” he added.

[Read – Hotel Slapped with Stop-Work Order]


Seminars, conventions… same thing. I took some photos of the inside of the former Jackson Hotel last summer [see –Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey]. The photos below show the possible space which could be used for such events.

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13 thoughts on “New ‘Jackson’ Hotel Convention Rumor Confirmed?”

  1. When someones first response to a new development is concerns of where customers will park, that can typically be translated into “My precious parking space might be in jeopardy! I might lose a calorie walking more than 50′ to my front door! Shut this down!!”

    Not just you, John Lately, but the general population whose world revolves around their parking space and their own selfish needs.

  2. Allisonb: There are certain parts of town where parking is a concern all year round and it becomes really difficult during the summer and horrific when we have events like the Crafts Fairs on the boardwalk. Broadway and all the boulevards from Penn to the boardwalk are problems, along with the whole West End so it is a very legitimate question. I can’t recall where I read it, but somewhere Mr Kadosh was quoted as saying there would be valet parking to an empty lot. Is he planning on using the resident lots? Or the super block? This is a fair question since there is one existing building diagonally opposite with no on site parking and the garden apartments have no parking. The Coops across the street has some, but not enough for all the apartments. Just where is this vacant lot? There is enough parking angst caused by the Allegria, we do not need more from this place.

  3. I have no parking spaces on the weekend or at night. I don’t really mind walking… Regardless, desiring a quality of life that equates to the cost of living in Long Beach isn’t selfish. But my post was more saying that if you have people who are from out of town, they will be circling for hours looking for somewhere to park.

    There is an empty lot between Lincoln and Monroe.. I wonder if they plan to use that, although it seems they have nothing really planned. Glad the city is on top of this. :/

  4. i saw tons of boxes for small hotel sizes safes in their dumpster this weekend….would love to know where they will find parking for 100 something plus rooms….glad i dont own a car…just hope my bicycle doesnt get stolen again

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