Ticket booths Will Be Painted. Let’s Pick The Guinea Pig! [Boardwalk Makeover]

Last week I did an article regarding the idea of painting the beach pass ticket booths (read – Somebody Please Paint These Damn Ticket Booths!). Since then I’ve been in conversation with Bob Piazza, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, and he’s in agreement. Bob told me it’s been a priority of his to beautify the booths; my blog post kickstarted the idea to actually get it done. So we went back and forth discussing various ways to go about it; some of them include:

  1. The use of  local artists (contest?).
  2. A makeshift painting party; paint them all the same color and call it a day.
  3. Mary Ellen of the West End Beautification Association’s wonderful idea that involved the art department of the
    Long Beach high school and with an annual booth decorating contest.
  4. ‘Adopt a Booth,’ similar to the boardwalk benches with plaques and all.
  5. Get local Businesses to sponsor a booth, which would place advertisements on them.

These ticket booths are a mess. While many still don leftover Quiksilver wrapping, the majority need to be repaired or rebuilt. Any work would have to be long lasting. Bob suggested they would use material called Texture 111, which is an industrial grade plywood; it supposed to last long and holds paint fairly well. The bottom line is this: It will be a long process, but the city wants to get it done at a minimal cost. That being said, the ‘adopt a booth’ would be the best way to go. All of this would be done via a two part strategy:

Part 1: This summer/fall: Pick one booth as the guinea pig. The Parks & Rec. department will repair, paint and place a sign that says “adopt me next spring.”

Part  2: Next Spring – Execute and finish. All new freshly painted booths with plaques similar to what’s on the benches.

This is where we come in. Bob has asked me to ask you, the readers, to pick the guinea pig booth. The color which has been suggested is a blue that was used for these booths years ago. Not everybody is excited about that color, but will we ever find a color that satisfies everybody? I say, let’s just keep it nautical looking. Nantucket gray? Santa Monica Blue? Pantone 19 4050? Either case, that beige has to go. I have nothing against the color beige (yes I do), but I just feel like it’s a color that’s overused because it’s least offensive and people have no imagination [/End Beige Rant].

So what booth should be the guinea pig? I’m thinking center of the boardwalk; between National & Riverside. What do you folks think?

UPDATE: Following the suggestion of copying the booth at this link. I did a horrible 5 minute photoshop to try to match it, so please bare with my work. Oh yeah, I took out the ticket window by accident.


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  1. I think that’s a great Idea. I like the idea of painting each to honor someone/thing. What a great start at that entrance to paint polar bears going for a swim !!

  2. Big huge no to Navy blue. All for light colors… classic white like the surf lodge style is what I prefer. Also no advertising. I gladly paint the one at the end of my street for free.

  3. grand beach cause it is so popular and when can we start to adopt them if that does happen cause i would so love to do that. is there any benches left? and I’m thinking for paint them it with different thing like umbrellas or waves or long beach things i love the contest idea

  4. We certainly have an artist community. A friend of mine paints murals for NYC schools when they have their clean up day. She draws it out and the kids paint it. Quite an eye-opening experience for everyone.
    To keep costs down “Adopting” a booth would be cool. The old booths were a weird Caribbean sea institutional blue with a white roof?

    MaryEllen’s idea of getting the kids involved would be great.
    Perhaps we can have a “Mini Habitat for Humanity” type program so carpenters and builders could assist with the repairs of the wooden planks.

    Mazel tov Anthony on getting things moving and a thanks to the Rec. Commish for listening.

  5. I really like the Havianas pop up pic that Allison sent

    If the booths are in such bad shape, why not rebuild them a little bigger using Hardy board shingle in a different pastel color for each booth. Add a bulletin board (enclosed) on the outside to display Long Beach events poster etc. Cost of rebuild ($8k?) covered by a sponsor or in someone’s memory. I think the bench sponsorship is $3k.

    Name of sponsor displayed on side per Havianas sign. Name of beach maybe in a flag at top of booth so it can be seen from farther away.

    Start with whichever booth is in the worst shape.

  6. you didnt just referance surf lodge did you. the plague and downfall of all that was great about montauk. i just threw up in my mouth a little. lord i hope our town doesnt get over run by hipsters like Montauk has. the new york hipster wannabe surfer and too cool for school population has accomplished nothing in the last 10 years except displace local families and residents to make way for their higher priced cocktail and organic muffins. Long Live long beach, one of the last strong holds of no hipsters.

  7. The Havianas sign is where I thought the beach name would go. Not sure I would want large sponsorship names or advertising clean and classy is what I would like.

  8. 1. Local artist contest is neat. Who’s judging?
    2. Same color = unimaginative
    3. Why just the high school? We have other schools with talented kids. If anything, divide them up amongst the schools but don’t just give one entity full reign.
    4. NO!
    5. NO!

    Keep it a community art project, not a billboard.

  9. AllisonB, the problem is money. The best and easiest way to go about it is to just adopt one.. I know, in a perfect world I would love multi-colors, murals, mosaics, stripes, candy canes, lady bugs, polka dots, etc. But its going to be a hard sell. You are right, Who is judging? Whoever does will definitely be subject to ridicule. That is why Adopt a Booth seems the only logical choice, but it’s better than letting them rot.

    Mary Ellen’s idea should definitely be used for something else that can be scattered around the city – similar to the cows in manhattan. Some sort of statue (seagull, fluke, sea robin?, harbor seals) representing the various parts of Long Beach. It’s too good of an idea to pass up.

  10. My sentiments exactly. While I understand it would be ideal to have others pay for the cost of the booth renovation, I would hate to see the boardwalk become some giant ad campaign. I like the idea of having each booth have its own personality (i.e. the Polar Bear suggestion). It would add to the originality and charm of Long Beach.

    Sorry to disagree, Anthony, but I’d rather see them rot than covered in the same advertisements I’m bombarded with everywhere else.

  11. If you all read the article, the option that the Parks & Rec wants to pick is the Adopt a Booth – which would be similar to the benches on the boardwalk. NO ADS. Just Plaques that are memorials, dedications, whatever… There is a waiting list for the benches. Why not offer these people more stuff to spend their money on.

    NO ADS.

  12. Whatever is chosen, I think it would be wise to spend a bit more and use marine grade paint so it stands up to the elements. I like the adopt a booth idea too and adding the covered bulletin boards is a great idea. The last thing we need is for the same tacky advertising on the booths we have on the buses and bus stops. I know it pays the bills, but let’s keep it tasteful.

  13. Make them a little bigger as the link shows and sell water and ice cream too. This will help bring a few extra jobs for kids and don’t contract it out. The city should run it. Then it pays for itself.

  14. I Vote for painting them ALL the same color and tomorrow would not be soon enough! Paint ALL of them ASAP this season and then try some elaborate “adopt this booth” program at a later date. They have looked like garbage and now we are going to make it another long drawn out process to just paint some damn booths.
    I vote for getting paint, painting them all by volunteers and then let the city waste a year or two creating a program to paint them.
    As citizens we can accomplish painting them in less time then the city can do anything productive. In fact I will go out and but the paint if you will help me prep and paint all of them in one day.
    We break off in teams of 2-3 volunteers and we can have each booth done in a few hours. Scraped – primed and painted….

  15. The city of Long Beach has trouble cleaning the streets, painting the booths, upkeep to the beach bathrooms is atrocious, this year cutting grass and weeding is almost non existent and now we are going to have them operate a business too?
    When they can do their current jobs even half as well as they should, they can get creative and expand.. until then they have a lot to work on…

  16. I call bullshit on the problem being money, Anthony!! Next time you walk into city hall and someone says money is holding the project back you can go ahead and give them a wedgie and say ALLISON SAID WHERE ARE THE FUCKING INTERNS ALREADY?! because seriously this should’ve been done by now.

    Here we go- contact Billy at LBSA and have him them take on the surfing beach shacks. Throw one at the volleyball people, a school, some other other organizations revolved around the beaches. Throw one at the lifeguards to do, too. This is a simple organizational job that should’ve been tossed at an intern in parks. Getting contributions (and NOT in exchange for ads for Sugo or a realtors face) for scrapers, tarps, brushes and paint is not difficult so why is this project moving slower than turtles fucking?

  17. Adopt my ass! We’ll have realtor faces painted on the sides of the shacks and Sugo advertising yet another new identity crisis shift in menu? I’d rather see them rot.

    Anyone in city or parks offices saying Adopt a Shack is the only feasible option is lazy, unimaginative and should be given a noogie. You have my permission.

  18. allisonb, I agree with you with many things. I am sure the city could figure out ways to get this going using artists and no “adopt me” signs, but you know how slow things move around here. You also know how nothing ever gets done. Long Beach has more bureaucracy and red tape than Washington DC. Long Beach also is filled with loud-mouth NIMBY people.

    I am just hoping we start from somewhere. I don’t think the adopt me program is that bad… they would be small signs. no advertisements. The bottom line is this: These booths need to be fixed and painted. It’s a disgrace seeing those quiksilver coverings on them still…

  19. Please no advertising! Please no adopt me! Yuck. Instead local artists (and would-be artists) would paint the booths for free, I believe. Have artists put a proposal on paper, have a committee OK it, and then turn them loose. I’m a local artist, I would paint one for free. Somebody at Parks would need to supervise. However I also like AllisonB’s excellent organizational ideas.

  20. We had a saying in WIlderness Survival class: “It doesn’t matter if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” —- You’ve identified a beautification problem that really needs addressing, thank you for doing so — But please, if you care about LB, please stop the myth-making chattering that says: “LB is hopeless, nothing can ever get done, nothing can get better, our politicians are all selfish, everything is politics/corruption/whatever, we have loud mouth people, there’s no money” —- What about the Polar Bear Club? What about the Historical Society? What about the recent city initiative to crack down on illegal housing, which might well save lives, as well as bring in money? What about the tough budget decisions recently made? What about the ecologically superior new street lamp bulbs? What about all the fun things that happen in Kennedy Plaza, not one of which could happen without dedicated city employees?

  21. Please…no advertising or memorials. Let’s keep things happy and beachy! Look how beautiful Georgia park looks with volunteers that included local art teacher, artist and children painting a mural onto the wooden fence. Thanks to those that volunteered their time and talent.

  22. Adopting a booth with a small, simply, plaque is a nice idea. However, there should be something that limits those that adopted it from making it into a personal memorial. Many of the benches are decorated with personal items and its simply not the appropriate place to pay ones respects.

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