Site News: I am not getting your emails! [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I kinda fixed it. If you sent me an email in the past few weeks, please resend it if you can. Thanks!

NERD TALK: For those out there having a problem where your wordpress blog contact forms aren’t sending the messages to your email, check to see if your server is using PHP 5.2.1, which has an issue with WordPress 3.4  with php safe mode on. A quick fix is to install the Configure SMTP plugin.

You can read about this all here.


I was wondering why I wasn’t getting emails from anybody….

If you tried to send me an email within past few weeks via the contact form page, chances are I didn’t get your message. I don’t know why, but the form stopped working. I tried several other plugins and none of them want to work either! I blame it all on wordpress and their new Jetpack feature, which has been nothing, but trouble.



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