NBC NEW YORK talks about Long Beach Brunches

I like to post when major news sources write about living in Long Beach. This one is from the NBC New York Blog and it’s all about brunches (Read –  1st Look Loves: Long Beach Brunches).

Only three places are mentioned: A Whale’s tale (916 W Beech St), Blue Point (1148 W Beech St) & The Allegria (80 W Broadway). Out of that three, I’ve only been to the Allegria for brunch. Of course we have so many more options.

Call me a traitor, but I go outside of Long Beach for brunch. Jo Jo Apples in Point Lookout is my preference. What’s yours?

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17 thoughts on “NBC NEW YORK talks about Long Beach Brunches”

  1. I usually go to Cabana (unlimited margaritas) but just did Whale’s Tale this past Sunday. It was terrific. The best brunch in Long Beach, unfortunately, died when Monterey closed. THAT was hands down the best around. R.I.P.

  2. How anyone can like Blue Point is beyond me, the food and the service is a mess, I don’t know wich one is worse the food or the service.

  3. I had one of the worst dining experiences of my life at Blue Point

    it was on a Sunday afternoon. the place had a few customers in it, but far from what I would call busy.
    It took them about about 20 minutes for the to just bring us menus after we were seated…

    I’m all about supporting local businesses, but the owners really need to figure this place out. It’s been open long enough now that this can’t be pinned on ‘ironing out the kinks”. i dig what they’re trying to do, but this experience left myself and a crew of other locals vowing never to go back

  4. Whales tale is great and great value but the Best Brunch around is in Merrick at Left Coast Kitchen…Worth the drive, completely original! Waffles and fried chicken…HOLY CRAP!

  5. Yeah, I won’t rehash it all here, but had the absolute worst dining experience in my life at Blue Point. 20 minutes to get menus, 45 minutes before someone took our order, etc…

  6. actually, LBMother, I just noticed that your entire post, with the exception of deleting a good chunk of it, is word for word identical to my yelp review. odd.

  7. I must second LBEsq’s sentiment regarding Monterey’s… it was the absolute best. $25 – all you can drink/eat from like 11am-3pm. The food was great. They had the various heated-in-tins buffet-style breakfast items, along with mussels (what!?!) and an omelet station that turned into a pasta station later in the brunch. Then they had a full dessert/fruit spread with everything you would want.

    Lastly, it was topped off with live music – a three-man jazz set to add to the mood.

    I have been craving a place that could match anything like that, but everything has fallen short. I have done Whale’s Tale, and it is alright. I just saw the other day that Billy’s Beach Cafe is offering all you can drink with brunch for $25 and was thinking of trying it out.

    Anyone have feedback on that?

  8. I am missing something about this place Blue Point?. So many things wrong with this place the last time we were there that I dont even know where to start. The food selection was as small as could be if you take away the hamburgers they actually had very to chose from..

    Very strange decor. It resembles an empty room with a few tables and chairs. The sign outside don’t even tell you what it is. One of the worst wait staffs. If you ask them for more bread or any other request they say no problem but never follow through. Then you have to keep requesting everything you need over and over. Portions are very small and pricy for what they provide. . The view is nothing but a view of the parking lot. . You have a better view driving down Beech St. and looking at the people. No parking problem and thats a plus, but thats where the plus’s end. Glad I finally got to experience this restaurant so I dont have to ever think about doing it again….This place is definitely OFF my list of places that I must return too.. What I can’t understand is why these owners can’t see the problems that they have here and do something about it. They seem like nice guys. But I guess they just aren’t experienced restaurant people.

  9. Yes, I can tell you what their problem was in one word.. “MANAGEMENT” they didn’t have a manager who knew his ass from his elbow about customer relations, and he had a giantatic attitude to boot.

  10. Took the wife out for breakfast one Sunday morning about 6 months ago at the Allegria, and will never do that again.
    Walked in at about 8:00AM when there were only 2 other tables occupied.. It took the one waiter who was on duty over 10 minutes to even drop off the menus. And after that another 10 minutes or so to take our order which took about 40 minutes to come, and that was only bacon and eggs with toast. .. I would hate to see what would have happened if the place was crowed.

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