Marvel is basically saying that Nassau County screwed up (Lido Blvd is still too dangerous + my plant rant)

Marvel Ice Cream & Yogurt (258 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561) is a staple on our barrier Island. I always get the sense of walking through a time machine when I go there – to a place when life was less complicated. Vanilla soft serve with magic shell is my personal pick. You order from a window, then sit or stand around the parking lot eating your ice cream while watching who else comes by. Marvel has that sense of community which most places today lack. The building itself should be landmarked. But guess what? That iconic building with the cone on top might soon be rebuilt, as reported by the AOL-Owned LB Patch (see –Marvel Looks to Rebuild). Reasoning being: traffic goes to fast on Lido Blvd.

Let’s face it, Nassau County screwed up. The changes they brought to Lido Blvd has been nothing, but a disaster. Motorists still drive the same way: very fast and aggressive. The roads are still too wide and there are no bike lanes or wide sidewalks for the kids who go to the schools in that area. The only changes I really noticed are the landscapers once a month wacking some weeds on the new medians. Way to add to the landscaping budget….. I mean, they couldn’t even figure out the correct shrubs to plant! (Maybe some native grasses? They look beachy, require less water, grow fast and will hide the weeds.)

Long Beach & Lido Beach should be pedestrian/bike friendly communities, but are plagued with the three lane highway (Lido blvd / Park Ave) that runs through it. I drive Lido blvd almost everyday; at 50mph in the 30mph zone I AM THE SLOWEST DRIVER. I don’t want to go 50mph, but I have no choice. I don’t like being tailgated or aggressively passed by and cut off, so I reluctantly go with the traffic. At 20 over the speed limit, I’m still the slowest driver since every single car still passes me. Yep, Lido Blvd is dangerous:

Those are just three of many; I see accidents there all the time. It drives me crazy how one solution is to ban kids from skateboarding and riding their bikes on certain roads like Lido. If anything, we should encourage more of that activity. Kids are locked up in their homes in front of computers playing video games, staring at their ipads and iphones. Obesity is epidemic. You are telling me that we should ban these very same kids from getting exercise? Besides, they NEED to travel these roads to get to the schools that are there! For that reason alone, Lido Blvd should be extremely safe, not a three lane autobahn.

That’s where Marvel comes in. For the safety of their customers, Marvel plans to rebuild their iconic ice cream shop further away from Lido Blvd. Maybe it will benefit them with better parking, but I am going to miss the old building with that glowing cone on top. That being said, it’s a lot of money and trouble for them to spend, on a situation that should have been fixed when those roads were redesigned a few years ago. In other words: All that work our county did back in 2009 was a complete waste of money.

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34 thoughts on “Marvel is basically saying that Nassau County screwed up (Lido Blvd is still too dangerous + my plant rant)”

  1. Agree 100% re the lack of accommodation to the kids traveling to school on Lido Blvd., plus the horrible shrubs Nassau County planted in the new medians. Why didn’t they use the same combination they planted in the new parking lot they built in Long Beach (the roses and native grasses)?

    Wish they could just pick up the Marvel ice cream store and plunk it at the back of the parking lot so they wouldn’t have to go to all the expense of re-building.

  2. I met with the traffic commissioner of Nassau County a few weeks into construction at a small informational gathering. He stated that this was only phase 1 and phase 2 would be from the Loop parkway to Anchor Park.
    I was adamant that what they were doing would not slow down traffic and if the intention is to slow down traffic form the Loop Parkway, shouldn’t phase 1 be from the parkway to Anchor Park, not vice versa?
    I was also adamant that at $5,000,000+ for phase 1 I doubt there would even be a Phase 2, I guess I was right… far at least…..
    I also asked who was going to maintain the center median when garbage accumulates? Sadly I was right again, when I predicted no one….

  3. the idea is that it’s dangerous, but kids do to get to school. They can’t avoid riding bikes or walking on lido blvd. the fact that our county spent money on it a few years ago that made no difference is the reason why i wrote this article.

  4. Wow, are any of you from Lido? I’m pretty relieved that the fences on the North side of the BLVD between Blackheath rd. and Regent Dr all have been preserved compared with what seemed like “Musical Fences”…Neighbors on that strip would be rebuilding their fences/walls EVER MONTH, Not a hyperbole, knock on the doors of those neighbors and find out yourself. Another thing, three accidents are sensationally less than the three dozen which used to happen Fall-Spring, and the other thirty in the Summer alone.
    Also How much discipline do you lack Anthony? THEY (The Town Of Hempstead) HAVEN’T EVEN VOTED To Allow the Permits, and Variances Yet for Marvel’s owners. Bad Mouthing that committee before the vote happens (ON SOMETHING YOU CLEARLY ASPIRE FOR) Is Impulsively useless. I hope you take the time out of your day on Wednesday, and show up to the meeting to show your support for this development. But If all you’re going to do is whine, wait until AFTER Wednesday.

  5. Wow, do you live in Lido? I don’t know anyone other you, who feels that the Nassua County did a good job on Lido Blvd. Bike lanes, larger sidewalks, reduced lanes, and landscaping would have made the road a road and not the highway it is.
    Anthony, is 100% right.

  6. Reducing lanes on Lido would result it in becoming a parking lot and extending commutes 20 minutes, no thanks. The sidewalks could be a bit wider, but it doesn’t really make a difference since they get zero upkeep on the weeds.

  7. I honestly don’t think it would, if the lights are timed right. Look at Glen Cove road between Old Country road and Jericho Turnpike. Far more cars. I need to see a traffic study, but I would say maybe quadruple the amount of motorists per day than Lido Blvd. It’s a faster, less frustrating drive because the lights are timed better. I am on both these roads at least 1000+ times a year each.

  8. Sensei Magnum, I am not bad mouthing the committee. I call it like it is. I haven’t noticed any changes in peoples driving since those medians went up and I blamed it on Nassau County, not TOH. When motorists are going 60 to 70 mph in a 30 zone where the houses are, something is wrong.

    If you read the article, you will see that I support anything Marvel does. I love that place- it’s a staple in our community. I just think it’s sad how they have to waste money rebuilding when the road SHOULD HAVE been safer to begin with.

    Thanks for visiting the blog and for your whining. Next time just please read the article before you post.

  9. Eh, I don’t want my life to revolve around the safety of the poor children. Teach them to be safe on busy streets because adults will always be selfish and bad drivers. It’s really not that dangerous.

  10. They did a study and said the lights were timed fine (on Park, not sure about Lido). The time it takes to go down Park is the same as using back streets so they decided nothing needed to be done. Unfortunately perception is reality so if you’re stuck at a red light, it feels like you’re wasting time and you’ll jump on a side street even if it’s not faster. I always do stupid things just so I don’t have to sit at a red light. On Park Ave you get stopped 3 times in a mile. On Long Beach Rd, you can get stopped the same number of times in half a mile.

    The lights in reality are timed terribly and the timing between lights changes on a weekly basis. Frustration, bad gas mileage and speeding are the result. Reducing lanes won’t help.

  11. LBEsq I’m guessing you have zero education in traffic planning. The commute time would not be extended 20 minutes.

    less lanes and proper timed lights are more efficient and safer.

    But thanks for being more concerned about your personal commute time than the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, all of whom have legal rights to use the roads as you in your hoopty.

  12. I’ve done a study every day on my way to work, as it seems you have as well, and the lights are times horribly. I’ve never felt the # of lanes were to blame. I think we have too many lights.

  13. So, what is YOUR background in traffic planning Allison? How are less lanes more efficient?

    I won’t speak for LBEsq, but I am more concerned about my commute time than pedestrians who might be on a road they shouldn’t be on. Roads are NOT built for pedestrians. And kids should not be riding their bikes or skateboards on Lido Blvd. I’d be all for a bike path, preferably along the beach. Of course I’m a midwesterner and we prefer riding our bikes where it’s scenic and not loud and polluted by car exhaust.

  14. John, I think the problem is that Lido Blvd is not an extension of Loop Parkway. You are driving through an actual neighborhood with schools, ice cream shop, a deli, a beach on one side, the bay on the other and lots of houses. Since Lido Blvd is not a highway, bikes are supposed to be able to share it. The fact that their are schools in the area is reason enough for us to be concerned about the way people drive. I really don’t care what kind of traffic background anybody has, the truth of the matter is this: Motorists are driving too fast. I see it everyday with my own eyes and speedometer.

    I wrote this article just to make a point that all the work that was done a few years ago was a waste of taxpayers money. If it worked, Marvel wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money rebuilding their store. I feel bad for Marvel, wish them luck and understand why they are doing it. It’s great that they are concerned about the safety of their customers, but they are basically saying they feel the road is still unsafe.

  15. I agree that from LB to the area of Marvel, traffic should be 30-35 and bike friendly. But, between Marvel and Pt Lookout, it’s basically a highway and is an extension of the Loop. IMO, it should be 50 and there is no reason for it to be slower. I would like to bike ride to Pt Lookout, but not at the expense of a quick car ride to the Loop. A nice bike path the length of the island would be great. I’d be happy to see a few of my tax dollars to go towards that, but not towards making Lido Blvd, a thoroughfare that connects two towns, a slower drive.

  16. John I study streets on many levels. and transportation and will be receiving a Masters in Urban Planning if I stop fucking around taking religion and gender classes and other distracting courses of procrastination. I also worship Donald Shoup which increases my quantifiable rate of nerdiness.

    “I am more concerned about my commute time than pedestrians who might be on a road they shouldn’t be on. Roads are NOT built for pedestrians.”
    Wrong. Motor vehicles do not have exclusive rights to the road. In fact, driving is a (revokable) privilege whereas bicyclists and pedestrians have an inherent right to use streets. Who pays for these roads? Being the most subsidized mode of transportation, I’d say that the roads are paid for disproportionately by people who don’t drive.

    I geek on this shit. Challenge me.

  17. lol you’re absolutely delusional, and the fact that you’re still taking college classes while pushing 40 is laughable. Enjoy underachieving the rest of your life

  18. Rather than pontificate with partial information that seems more rooted in emotion than facts, probably because the information is partial, and/or, by your own admission you haven’t actually received a degree or studied what you claim to “geek” on, I’d like to *pop* your bubble and point out a fallacy in your logic, ie. “roads are paid for disproportionately by people who don’t drive.”

    Driving on a road may not be required to benefit immensely from a road. In fact, if you are not using a road, whether you be a shut-in or someone who just prefers sidewalks or has a secret jetpack, you are putting a greater strain and are more dependent upon those that do.

    So yeah, I’ll challenge you on this…

  19. Allison, you said: “Being the most subsidized mode of transportation, I’d say that the roads are paid for disproportionately by people who don’t drive.”. What the heck are you talking about? Roads are paid for by the tax payers and most tax payers drive. Roads are built for cars, not bikes. Bikes are allowed to use them.

    Good luck on your degree. Hopefully you’re learning facts and not some utopian idealistic dribble on how roads would be in your perfect society where everyone rides bikes and skateboards and those who have cars, drive under the speed limit in a single lane getting 100 mpg.

  20. I’m at the meeting right now. All this article is designed to do is use Marvel as a spring board in a passive aggresive way to promote your agenda of altering Lisp Blvd. Sliding I’m not sayi.g everything with the renovations were absolutely right. The fact that this bld is designated as a coastal evacuation route explicitly restricts altering lane size.
    Anthony the herbacious grasses you propose are not as tolerant to exhaust pollution, and flooding. The maintbenance is cheaper, the fire trucks and ambulances can drive over the low growing shrubs if required and be liable for valuable damage to their equipment. And again next time you look at the fences on the north between regent and blackheqth, hqve some empathy for those neighbors who are going record seasons without a vehicle on their property causibg damage. There were alternatives, i didnt like any plan over the others. But it is what UFO is, and there is improvement which you’re discrediting.

  21. SENSEI, Thanks for the update.

    BTW, Austin Blvd is going to eliminate one road going south. You still have the three lanes leaving Long Beach, but only two coming in. Wider sidewalks will use the new space. That could have worked in Lido too. I am not looking to kill evacuation routes, but they could have been more creative with the redesign.

    Anyway, i’d love to hear an update on the meeting, so thanks.

  22. Oh “I live in a BOX”
    It is amusing you think you can insult me by calling me by my nickname of all things, saying I’m pushing 40 (stop rushing I’m savoring my last couple of years in my 30s!) or for being in college. Like, really? Who makes fun of someone going back to school for another degree at ANY age? As if there’s a expiration date or something. And then to say I”m an underachiever kind of makes no sense but I suppose you wanted to throw something you thought would be demoralizing. Definitely projecting.

    Is it September yet?

    WestEnd I’m not certain why you don’t agree but that’s ok.The first part of your response was really unnecessary. Belittling me wasn’t a start if you actually wanted to continue the conversation with me taking you seriously (not to say I don’t enjoy some self-depracation and humility- I just don’t know you well enough) . It’s not a bubble or emotions, its a different perspective that you obviously aren’t jiving with. That’s fine. I suppose I didn’t elaborate.

    Bicyclists and pedestrians impose lower roadway costs than motorized modes thus those who rely on nonmotorized mobility tend to pay a disproportionate amount for road costs. Is it the subsidizing part that threw you off? I’ve got some interesting reads from Todd Litman, a very modern and smart source of street savvy. Also, Brookings Institute. I’m serious for having a discussing inperson, via email or here.

    John Lately it is a bit hard to hear all the liberal shit spooned at me but I’ve generally kept my wits about me. What wits I have, I guess.

  23. WestEnd Tom I forgot to ask you what you meant with “you are putting a greater strain and are more dependent upon those that do.” Obviously you don’t HAVE TO but I’d really like you to elaborate on that. It stumped me.

  24. Cool about Austin Blvd. I wish Island Park had more parks to take in on such a ride. The bike ride from the dunes to PLO is not a bad ride, it has surroundings that are easy on the eyes, I know there are cars which are noisy, but that doesn’t discourage me. I actually grew up at 1 Saratoga st. Right on lido Blvd, I still live in Lido. Anyways, if the Austin Blvd concept was ever proposed to the Lido Blvd work group that aught to have been a compromise worth considering.
    Anthony, marvel was an hour and a half long issue. There were about 20 of us there to show support with a stack of letters from neighbors sharing support. There were 7 or 8 people who opposed it (every single one of them live on Bath st.) & 1 lived on Allevard too. The architect, attorney, and a traffic engineer were also present representing Marvel. The new proposed structure will have an enclosure that people will stand inside as a means of further protection. The. current stand as well as the offices & the upstairs apartment rental (which my friend is currently living in) ire proposed to be knocked down. An interesting piece of info is that according to FEMA requirements, if marvel is demolished the new structure must be built adhering to flood protection guidelines. That strongly states tgat the structure must be built 5 ‘ higher off the ground then it currently is. That wouldvhypothetically require marvel to install a handicap accesible ellevator. The interesting thing abiut this permit, is that it states these developments are required for safety needs(something the school preservation bill was duplicitous about.. but i digress) and the towns permit granted for safety can trump fema’s regulations. The opposition wasnt prepared for this, the only issue they have is that customers illegaly park, and someone had the gaul to compare Bath st. to the west end. ths proposal is removing potential revenue fron the owner and is focused on modernizing their organization. I’m typing on my phone’s touch screen. This will really improve traffick on Lido blvd as well. Ill talk more abiut the schwmatics tomorrow, im too tired from this phone’s keybiard.

  25. Sensei, I’d love to post this info in it’s own thread. Can I have your permission to do so? Don’t worry about grammer, spelling and mobile phone mistakes. This is good stuff.

  26. Allison B, again, I don’t want to read a book that you claim to have read. I want you to give me the facts from the book that says people who don’t use the roads pay more than those that do, to maintain them. It sounds like nonsense.

    Also, I didn’t insult you or call you names. I said your argument isn’t an argument and you’re pontificating in the veneer that appeals to emotion instead of facts.

    I challenged you because you asked to be challenged and you came back with nothing.

  27. Define who the people who don’t drive are in your “roads are paid for disproportionately by people who don’t drive,” remark, and I will.

  28. Ok, will you post the other tidbits there please? The proposed enclosure will be standing room only, there wont be chairs. The proposed site will increase the parking spots from the current 17 to 19 parking spaces. (2 of those spaces are now going to be dedicated to handicapped spaces. (one opponent, said that if there are no handicap people present that those become wasted spaces.. she’s such a tool)
    Marvel has a total of three Aprons into their site currently. This is proposed to stay the same. I spoke about how removi.g the ice cream sand removes an obsuction motorsts usually feel hesitant about driving adjacent when turning right into the first apron from lido blvd east bounds’ lane. I asserted tha with the stand leveled, there is nithing to be hesitant about, not only will motorists see available parlor.g spaces IMMERDIATELY, so they will free up the congestion behind. And back ups on lido Blvd will be a thing of the past.(considering thats a safety issue in itself. I was surprised thst none of marvrls represenatives me tioned that, let alone other supporters) also I asserted that with the parking lot free of obstruction the exiting apron out to lido blvd will better noticed by the vehiclesentering the lot, and will less likely use the bath st apron for exiting.
    Finally, the board members said they would tour the site to determine wha their decisions wiuld be. Ms. damato (btw lives 2 blocks away on Buxton stb was probing hard about why the stand isnt proposed to be moved to the south side of the lot. Te response was that te sand would be have to be swider and dsplace more parking spaces bringing the parking spaces number to 13. It’s important Anthony, to just repeat what the board told the opposition. .”the opposition for Marvels’ proposal has to be based o. Safety issues, since the focus of this proposal, as you obviously know, isabiut safety. The 6 opponents who spoke said nothing about safety, it was a communal bias about parkng, and not traffic. Pitiful imo.

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