News12 with some Flipper Photos (Dolphins by the City by the Sea)

Following Seashelly’s ‘Fans Flip for Flipper‘ post comes some photos of these flippers flapping through our waters. On their Facebook group, News12 Long Island posted the photos of these dolphins, which were taken off the coast of Long Beach by Chopper 12 (which also has its own Facebook group).

Anybody else out there with a helicopter and took photos of these amazing mammals? Please submit them!

(These photos are the property of News12 Long Island. If you can get in their site past their signup page, more power to you. )


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3 thoughts on “News12 with some Flipper Photos (Dolphins by the City by the Sea)”

  1. There were definitely dozens of them and they were spread out. Some more than a mile off shore and others a few hundred yards, right by the surfers between Lincoln and Monroe. That chopper was exciting too… almost turned into the flight path of at least two jets flying into JFK.

  2. dolphins visit our beach ever year, multiple times. saw a huge pod just a few weeks ago off LB. not sure why it gets the coverage it got yday, maybe the chopper happened to see them so they made a story of it. either way, good stuff.

  3. True. I saw Dolphin’s last summer while I was in the water – they must of been about 20-30 feet away from me. Maybe they are making a big deal over the amount that were there? Either way, I love a good Dolphin story, hence the posts on this blog.

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