Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You To Long Beach (In the middle of Long Beach)

(Corner of E Park Avenue & Long Beach Blvd. The sign posts and backside have been painted white since these photos were taken.)

I’ve been pretty hard on the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce lately. One time I accused them of not coming through with their Quiksilver Pro coupon books [read – Missing Coupon Books-by-the-sea? Frustrated Merchants & Chamber of Commerce? Quiksilver Pro coming back? (OH MY!)]. Another time I blogged about them possibly losing whatever power they have due to the Local Develoment Corporation (LDC) coming to town [read – (Opinion) WENCA & LB CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Two organizations about to lose power?]. Yeah, I’ve been pretty hard on the Chamber.

Well, this time I’ll give credit where credit is due. While I do find it odd seeing a ‘welcome sign’ in the middle of Long Beach, I appreciate the effort. Yes, it’s not the classiest sign in the world (it should have been made out of wood), but I like how bright it is. The lighter blue is a nicer touch compared to the dark navy on our other “Long Beach Welcomes You” signs (which are all falling apart, by the way).

So while we sit around scratching on heads trying to figure out what else this group does, at least we have a sign to remind us that they still exist.

And a back view for those who like back views. Of course, it’s gonna be a while before those shrubs grow and hide the ugly backside.

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11 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce Welcomes You To Long Beach (In the middle of Long Beach)”

  1. Why is the construction taking so long on the large building across from the post office? What is up with the ugly empty looking building next to the post office on the right? What’s up with the sign that advertises arts in the plaza – that sign (no offense) isn’t that attractive. Couldn’t we build a permanent band shell on all that vacant land in front of the beach? What about adding antiques and collectibles to the arts in the plaza thing – to fill up the spots more? How’s the Quicksilver store in Oceanside doing? Why does the High School have a bad reputation – is it really that bad? When is King Kullen opening? Did you know that they just filmed episodes of What Would You Do on ABC at Pops? Who decides on the bands that play on the beach – aren’t they a little lame compared to what’s available? Why doesn’t this place have one single park with grass and trees? Need answers.

  2. 1. No idea. I do see people working on it all the time. It’s landmarked, so maybe they have to make sure whatever they’re doing is done the right way.
    2. That Green EAB building? I was actually trying to figure that out myself. I heard the Post Office uses it. I was actually looking to rent it for a business idea… so if anybody knows, let me know!
    3. I’m not going to lie.. The Arts in the Plaza sign could be a little nicer, but it’s nicer than the one before it.
    4. The city can’t build anything permanent on the superblock or foundation block. The city has some deal with one of the land owners (foundation maybe?) that we can use it, as long as it’s a structure that can come apart.
    5. How about just an antiques and collectibles show? Maybe the historical or landmarks society can host it? I don’t think arts in the plaza should turn into a flea market.
    6. I’m worried about that Quiksilver store. The few times i’m in there it’s been empty.
    7. I can’t answer High School questions – no kids there yet. Maybe somebody else here can.
    8. King Kullen is taking forever. They still need to built the strip center next door. You know, the one that will create more vacant stores on Austin Blvd.
    9. Lots of stuff gets filmed around here unnoticed, but thanks for the info.
    10. A lot of those bands have been coming around here for years and some of them are locals. I like the ones I see. I mean, I love music a lot, but I don’t expect seeing Paul McCartney or a Pink Floyd reunion on our beach. I go to the ones that appeal to me. I think the city just tries to give us variety. There is a music festival SAND JAM which is going to be an annual event. I think Long Beach should also try to offer us at least one famous band a year – like what the town of hempstead does at Lido. This year they had Herman’s Hermits. last year it was Eddie Money.
    11. I agree with the Park & Trees thing. We have the best park around – the beach. We also have great playgrounds, but not one park with trees and shade. I can’t answer that.

  3. Always a smart thing to install a 4′ X 8′ sign that blocks a drivers view while making a left turn at the busiest intersection in town…..
    I think it looks so out of place and doesn’t “fit” with the nautical theme of the location they chose. Maybe a “low lying” sign that just said, “Welcome to Long Beach”

  4. ha, thanks Fisherman Row. although I went to the farmer’s market/art in the plaza today and I take back what I said about that sign. It’s really not that bad i my eyes… just the way it’s displayed. It’s kinda crooked.

  5. We have a park with grass and trees, but the city has made it totally uninviting. If they would install some park benches and a game table or two under the trees at Kennedy Plaza people would use them. As it is you see a few people sit on the very uncomfortable benches around the monument or on the 6″ curb around the fountain. I’m guessing the rationale is they don’t want it to become a “hangout” spot, but with the police station right there I think it could be controlled and made useful to the taxpayers. Instead of continuing to try to sell bricks for the plaza maybe they could sponsor benches. (With very small discreet signs, no larger than a brick.)

  6. Hey Chris, I thought of that too. It makes perfect sense, but it could interview with all the events that go on there – the fall festival, farmers market, arts and crafts, art in the plaza, etc.

  7. Placement is odd. Why not place it after you cross the Long Beach bridge between the NB and SB lanes? Who will even see this thing? Maybe those turning left going SB?

    Not sure what the Chamber does, but I like that their website has sound. *sarcasm* And, the new Fire Commiss is the president of the Chamber. That guy is everywhere.

  8. I wish the Chamber had used the money they spent on that sign to replace the trees on Park Avenue or hire a service company to remove the gum and grime from the sidewalks in the commercial districts. Sidewalk cleaning is the responsibility of the merchants and it would be great if the Chamber could work out a good annual service contract for all of their members with storefronts on Park and West Beech Street.

    The city has planted colorful flowers in the Park Avenue tree boxes but rather than go to that expense and trouble every year, why not just plant new trees and surround them with tree grates. It would provide wonderful shade and look beautiful for many years to come. The railroad ties are looking pretty tired as well.

  9. Oh I definitely agree. There are so many things the Chamber can do to improve business around Long Beach. It’s not that appetizing going out to eat when the sidewalks outside the places are gross, greasy-lard stained and loaded with gum.

    I love the flowers and they do a wonderful job with them, but maybe the city should start looking into more permanent stuff? The knockout roses (like in the photos in this article) are a great start. They provide flowers all summer long and are perennials.

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