Friday: Yep, the blog is officially back. So hard to explain what went wrong and I don’t feel like getting into it because I am exhausted.

The bad news is this: The database that was being used for the past few days was corrupt, so the last couple of posts (West Nile Spraying / State of the Blog Address) are gone, as well as a bunch of your comments.

Well, I am back with my old host, old SQL database and I have to wait another 50 days to transfer the domain name (seabythecity) back over because of some federal rule, but it’s redirecting now (by the power of name servers) and that’s good enough for me.

Welcome back

(oh yeah, the blog is still powered by the wind. Old host was wind powered too!)


uhhh yeah blog is a mess.. Maybe I found a temporary workaround. Let’s see how this works..


Sorry about that, Chief

Seabythecity has been under the cone of silence for the past few days. There was a bit of KAOS, but things are back in CONTROL… I think. Would you believe almost under control?

Besides watching a few Get Smart episodes this past weekend, I moved the blog over to a new host. It was a lot more involved than just coping files over from A to B. There are ways to do that with zero downtime, but I never do things the way they’re supposed to be done… hence the crazy site you must have seen these past few days (wrong SQL database). That was my dummy wordpress blog where I used to test plugins and whatnot… haha.

The good news: The site should be faster with less downtime.

The bad news: The blog is not 100% at the new host yet… right now the database is still being served from the old one, but once it’s fully over:

The better news: Seabythecity will be powered by the wind! Yep, the new host is wind powered!

But for now we are back for the attack. The contact form should be working soon (when I get around to it). If you want to blog with us, have an event you want us to post, heard a rumor you want to share or just want to say hi,  please contact me!




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