Helicopters, Car Chase, Police Car Crash, Drug Bust

Thursday night the helicopters were everywhere! I thought it was just paparazzi stalking all the celebraties at the Long Beach International Film Festival. I actually forgot about all that noise, until now when I received this email from a resident named Nicole:

I am writing to you to tell you wtf how has no one reported on the shiz that went down last night?! There were helicopters circling really low by the canals.  I heard from 3 different sources-two city workers that a man driving 100 mph down Pine Street, crashed into an undercover cop that was trying to make the car stop, shots were fired, and the man ran on foot.  Hence the helicopters looking for him. Canines were also released into people’s backyards to look for the man.  I know the man was apprehended shortly after.  But really how the hell is this not news on News 12…even beyond that?! It’s a pretty crazy story that reminded me of an episode of Law n Order! 

The Long Beach Herald has us covered: Read –  Long Beach police arrest drug dealer after high-speed chase

[quote]Long Beach police arrested a “violent” drug dealer on Thursday after a high-speed chase ended when he plowed his car into a police cruiser and sent it careering into other vehicles in a normally quiet Canals neighborhood.

Police Commissioner Mike Tangney said that 21-year-old Jabori Gibson, of Roosevelt, was arrested just after 11 p.m. on Aug. 30 when police officers found him hiding on Dalton Street after he totaled two police cars.[/quote]

This kid would have been better off jumping into the ocean or bay and swimming for the mainland.

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  1. Two and a half years later, there is a postscript to this story. Jabori Gibson was charged with over 100 counts of various crimes and infractions, ranging from felonies such as attempted murder, dealing drugs, weapons possession, possession of a stolen vehicle – misdemeanors including possession of narcotics, and infractions such as running red lights and stop signs. He had over 2 dozen felony counts alone.

    In February 2015, Jabori Gibson was sentenced to a maximum term of 6 years for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree, and class B felony in the Greene Correctional Facility, a medium security prison.

    BUT, because he has never been released from jail on bail, his time served in Nassau County lockup counts towards his term. As a result, this piece of filth is eligible for parole October 2017.

    Want to know why there are issues in our criminal justice system? Because pussy liberal judges allow scum like Jabori Gibson to walk the streets, while law abiding citizens are stripped of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    Jabori Gibson was sentenced as a 21 year old adult. But this miscreant has a long criminal record. Heck, at age 16, he was arrested for attempted armed robbery.

    Remember the leniency showed to Jabori Gibson and the other scum of the world during the next elections.

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