City Council Meeting – September 4th Edition

What’s on the September 4th agenda?

  • Resolution Granting Waiver of Off-Street Parking Requirements for the new Thai Restaurant @ 895 West Beech Street
  • Bond Ordinance Authorizing Separation Payments to Employees in and for the City of Long Beach, Nassau County, New York, at an Estimated Cost of $6,650,000, and Authorizing the Issuance of up to $6,650,000 Bonds of Said City to Pay Part of the Cost Thereof.
  • Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a State Assistance Contract for a New York State Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program  Grant.  Legislative Memo: The City intends to complete a Nomination Study for an approximate 170 acres characterized with five potential Brownfield  sites that are located within the City and incorporate the neighborhood of  North Park, as well as part of the Westholme North neighborhood. Waterfront property = $$$  [see – The Forbidden Zone of Long Beach: A Photographic Journey.] This is actually quite interesting. I remember years ago with then-Nassau Executive Suozzi doing his photo opp next to the knocked down Long Beach Incinerator. There was plenty of talk about redeveloping that area. I heard about a marina, the Marriott Hotel, four large residential towers, seafood restaurants on Reynolds Channel, a sculpture garden, an amphitheater and a walk connecting all this to the tennis facility on the other end of the Long Beach Bridge. 
  • To replace railings destroyed by Hurricane Irene on the ramps at Grand and Lincoln Boulevards. 87 ½% of the cost to be reimbursed to the City by State and Federal funds. Are we going to lose more historical railing? [see – Historical Railing Requested By Historical Society and Opinion: Old Boardwalk Railing Revisited (Work being done in the name of job security?)]
  • Resolution to Schedule the Second Regular Council Meeting of September for Wednesday, September 19, 2012. Second meeting?
  • You cannot tell a lie and drive over 15mph in the Presidents: “Fifteen miles per hour. No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon any public  highway or street of the city between Nevada Avenue and New York Avenue, both inclusive, excepting only West Park Avenue and West Beech Street; and upon East Pine Street between Neptune Boulevard and Curley Street and East Chester Street between Neptune Boulevard and Curley Street; upon Curley, Harmon, Clark, Vinton, Farrell, Barnes, Kirkwood, Heron, Boyd, Dalton, Kerrigan, Armour, Doyle and Forester Streets; and upon Cleveland, Harding, Mitchell, Belmont, Pacific, Atlantic, Coolidge, Wilson and Taft Avenues at a rate of speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour.”
  • ACKNOWLEDGMENT CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION TO the Long Island Crisis Center For Their Commitment to Help Those in Need And Their Contribution to Our Community
I feel like I’m missing something…


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14 thoughts on “City Council Meeting – September 4th Edition”

  1. Summer mtgs not well attended (no surprise), yet it seems things were getting done, including things that probably should have been postponed until citizens’s heads were out of the summer beach haze. To that end, the Council should give a welcome back from summer update on what’s going on, what monies have been borrowed, where we are in the budget, etc.

  2. I believe our honest and ethical Councilman Fagan’s trial for Unemployment Fraud is today…. what happens to his seat once he’s found guilty?? (I’m assuming that it is grounds for losing his elected official position)

  3. Does the 15 MPH also apply to police officers? Taxi Drivers? and municipal vehicles?
    I think, in that order, are the top 3 worst drivers in Long Beach…

  4. Regarding the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program Grant: In February 2009, the city hired an engineering firm to prepare the Pre-Nomination study which provided an analysis of the area and the current uses and potential. In this study, residents were asked to weigh in with their ideas and recommendations. Among the suggestions were Aquarium/science center, Arts/Music Center, Youth activities (bowling alley), Marina.

    The Nomination Study is the second step in this process.

    I applaud Council President Torres for keeping this project on the table. Because of the current diversity of uses: residential housing, industrial land, retail, Community centers etc., it will be a complicated and delicate project to pull off. But the size and scope of this revitalization would be an historic game changer for the City of Long Beach if properly brought to fruition.

  5. Didn’t we already take out a $1.5 million dollar bond to pay retiring police last Jan? Long after Schnirman and Co. are gone we will be paying for his scams!

  6. Interesting that there was no item on the agenda authorizing the CM to enter into a contract to have the flooring at Magnolia Center change by a Crookhaven Co. How does he spend over $10,000 and not put it on the agenda? Where is the money coming from and who bid the job JAck?

  7. Nice try anonymous poster “Alisonb”, the question however remains. How does the City enter into a$10,000+ contract without proper bidding and award the job to a Crookhaven flooring contractor ?

  8. Not so anonymous when the owners of this blog and half+ the posters know me off the internets. And you hiding behind a pictureless common name?
    Yes, the question remains: where were you during the meetings?

  9. Anonymous (to me) Alisonb why are you so interested in my identity and not at all interested in the fact that Schnirman and Co. entered into a contract with a Crookhaven flooring company in an amount over $10,000 without the proper bidding procedures being followed. For the 50% of unenlightened posters how about you let us know who you are (not that I care).

  10. Anonymous John thinks that Anonymous Alisonb is trying to say that if Anonymous Joe thinks something nefarious is afoot the he would probably get to the bottom of it faster by actually showing up at a meeting than dropping accusations on a forum.

    Anonymous John likes his anonymity and hopes to never meet any of you ever. (i kid, i kid)

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