Any chance we can lock this scumbag in Jail right now and throw away the key? [Opinion]

[Via the Long Beach Herald – Teenager struck by alleged drunk driver]

“A Long Beach man was arrested on Monday night and charged with driving while intoxicated after he allegedly struck a 15-year-old girl, pinned her underneath his vehicle and dragged her for nearly an entire block before leaving the scene. “

Alleged drunk driver? He was either drunk or not.The fact that he hit and ran is good enough to lock him away for a long time.

“Cregeen said that police located the car along the 500 block of East Beech Street, and arrested the driver just before 11 p.m.…Cregeen said that the victim, a student at Long Beach High School whose name was not released, was transported to Nassau University Medical Center with serious injuries and was admitted to the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit. NUMC spokeswoman Shelley Lotenberg said on Tuesday that the teen was in critical but stable condition.”  [Long Beach Herald – Teenager struck by alleged drunk driver]

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach.

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9 thoughts on “Any chance we can lock this scumbag in Jail right now and throw away the key? [Opinion]”

  1. Why “alleged”? Because that’s the allegation, that the driver was drunk.

    For more on why the news media uses the word a lot, here’s a discussion on the straight dope:

    Now I’m not saying that drunk driving isn’t a problem (it is, and the fact that many people, mostly those a generation older than me, see no problem with driving to a bar, having a few beers and then driving home is disgusting) but it costs money to incarcerate someone for life.

  2. Hey Brian, thanks for the link. The article makes it seem like everybody knew he was drunk, even the police. That’s why I’m wondering why they are saving their ass with the “alleged” word in this situation.

  3. In the story, he also “allegedly” struck the teen. In legal matters, I guess, it’s always “alleged” until it goes to court. It doesn’t mean there is doubt, just that it’s unproven. You can see a man shoot another man and it’s still “alleged” on the news. It is annoying, but that whole “innocent until proven guilty” seems to have permeated out of the legal system and into our alleged minds. I think you can call someone guilty even if they aren’t legally guilty, but I’m just a layman.

    I feel bad for the girl. .and the drunk guy is a fool. he hit another car after hitting her so he must have been allegedly obliterated.

    I do wish these kids would stay out of the road. I’m constantly dumbfounded at the kids (and adults) riding their bikes the wrong way down the street. They’re also constantly crossing the road on foot assuming I will stop my car, especially when they’re in groups and not necessarily at stop signs. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but I think there are multiple problems in Long Beach. Drivers who don’t stop and people who don’t know how to cross a street safely.

  4. Many bicyclists ride their bike the wrong way on a one way street so they can see the cars coming, as opposed to being run off the road by someone who doesn’t share well from behind where you don’t know until it’s far too late.

  5. It’s much more dangerous to ride against traffic. Anyway, from my window, I see quite a few kids riding down Shore Rd, against traffic, no hands, texting, a good distance from the parked cars while traffic is coming right at them. Often there are more than one of them and they decide to ride on opposite sides. I’m not exaggerating. I see this on a daily basis when it’s nice out. I think you should always be ready and aware and courteous to those you are sharing the road with. These kids are none of the above.

  6. Hey John, can’t reply to you directly, so I’m replying here.

    Shore? We’re neighbors, I’m on the 300 block. I don’t get it either, there are very wide sidewalks to ride a bike on (unlike, say, Penn, Olive and Walnut) and the street itself is wide, it’s very easy to stay to one side.

    What I really don’t get is people who ride two or three across and then expect cars to dodge them. Single file!!

  7. Brian, you’re seeing what I’m seeing then. You know, I do understand that this is a one way, right by the beach so it’s more convenient to ride the wrong way than to go a short block up and ride the right way. Fine. But, it’s the kids that ride two to three across like you’re talking about that really get me. Oh well.. I guess that’s just what living in Long Beach is about.

  8. yeah i know… I really just hate reading about these “alleged” drunk driving stories. The victim can be anybody. In this case it’s a young girl… everybody here complains about the way kids ride their bikes around town, but you have to remember: they are still just kids. We were all there once. The driver was an adult and he was “allegedly” drunk. You can’t forget that adults are the ones who need to be more responsible in these situations.

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