Bathroom or Ocean? [POLL]

Now that the beach is officially closed (still unofficially open for most), it’s time to fess up and talk about some real issues. When you’re at the beach and nature calls (you have to pee), where do you go? Yes, I realize this is a disgusting topic, but I’m sure some of you have thought about this already.

The choices are simple: in the ocean, in the bathroom, you run home or other. Please leave comments. And Yes, you can comment anonymously.

(Please note: This is not a scientific poll and the results will not be sent to City Council.)

When you’re at the beach and nature calls, where do you go? free polls 

(I’m not voting first)

9 Replies to “Bathroom or Ocean? [POLL]”

  1. I pee in the ocean and smile the entire time. You guys don’t know how lucky you have it being able to pee standing erect (hahaha) and not pissing down your legs.
    In the Winter I purposely drink alot of water before I go in the water knowing that peeing in my wetsuit is utter bliss on a cold, cold day.

  2. only 64 votes as of this morning? Come on! More (unique) people viewed this article than that! I want to hear what OTHER is all about.

    Ocean 50% 32
    Bathroom 19% 12
    Run Home 20% 13
    Other 11% 7

    64 votes total

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