Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look [Long Island Press]

(Unsound Right Coast Cup, Long Beach, NY. Photo by SuperClearyPhoto)

The Long Island Press has an article regarding the culture of surfing on Long Island (Read – Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look). The pretty lengthy five-page article highlights various surfers around Long Island, mentions last year’s Quiksilver Pro and the Unsound Right Coast Cup, which is happening this week in Long Beach:

“This particular lifestyle, unbeknownst to many Long Islanders, got put in the spotlight last summer when the popular brand Quiksilver brought its international Pro surf competition to Long Beach—not Long Beach, Calif., but Long Beach the barrier island south of LI. For two weeks, the seaside city was the buzz of all things surfing as pros like Kelly Slater and Owen Wright ripped and shredded waves at one of Nassau County’s busiest beaches.

Now Quiksilver is back this week presenting Unsound Surf Shop’s Right Coast Cup, an annual competition held in Long Beach specifically for East Coast surfers—and just in time for contestants to catch swells from Tropical Storm Leslie. With more than 60 competitors and a $20,000 purse, Unsound owner and Long Beach resident Dave Juan says Quiksilver’s name is sure to bring more light to surfing in this region.”

More on Long Beach:

“The name speaks for itself: Long Beach is a city alongside two miles of white sand on the Island’s South Shore. It is characterized by three-lane boulevards and narrow sidestreets, delis and surf shops, not to mention a large population of surfers among its 34,000-plus residents. Some surfers describe Long Beach as the closest thing to California in the Northeast.”

It’s a great read, so check it out: Long Beach Press – Long Island Surfing Subculture: An Inside Look.


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