Say Hello to (Long Beach’s Own Online TV Station!)

Say hello to, an online video blog (aka TV station) for and about Long Beach, including People, Community, Shopping, Restaurants, Entertainment and more.

David, who runs told me the idea began two years ago after co-producing a beach safety video for our city. “At that time, we were talking to the city about having a cable TV show. The problem was funding. While the cable companies have to give the city air space (i.e., a channel), they would have added a line item to people’s bills, which put a damper on the whole thing. And you cannot have advertising on public access TV, which is what this would have been.” It was just until recently when David decided to revisit the idea, but as a blog. “Online video has come a long way. And… (the kicker) you could have advertising.”

David says he offers a different take on the news than what the LB Herald or LB Patch has to offer. “ isn’t “news” per se, it’s an in-depth TV magazine, a la 60 Minutes. More like what you’d see in Part 2 of Newsday – multi-part stories about people.”

Right now they are running stories on various topics, including: Donna Brown, who crusades against drunk driving since losing her husband to a drunk driving accident many years ago [watch now]. “We also have a story about local digital artist and arts advocate Bob Shanley, who is really a gift to Long Beach in that he personally, on his own time and his own dime, promotes art and many of the venues around town.” [watch now]

As for the future, David says,”We will have a multi-part piece on Long Beach’s own Hilary Topper, whose HJMT has been a powerhouse in the PR and social media world. We will also have Jammin’ with J-Bird, all about the arts with Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips, a fixture in the Long Beach (and well beyond Long Beach) music scene, who will be producing the 1st Annual “Long Beach ROXX NY” Rock Music Festival this Oct. 26-28.”

While  is not affiliated with seabythecity, we plan on highlighting some of their videos on this blog from time to time. From a personal standpoint, I once thought of doing a similar thing with seabythecity after posting a video of the opening Quiksilver Pro ceremony, but time was always my issue. I am glad somebody else is doing it and I look forward to their future video stories. An online Long Beach TV station is exactly what this city needs, so definitely check them out @

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