I cringe every time I see a truck on the boardwalk

Photo taken this morning at around 8am. I mean, I just feel bad for the boards; they’re not made for so much weight! When is this city going to finally grow up and stop hurting those boards? Does beach maintenance do this just to justify their jobs? Because that would be really silly and wasteful. There are a thousand other things they could do instead. Want a list?

And what happened to the Segways? Are they back in storage? I guess those are just for the police department, but I haven’t seen one in a while.

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5 thoughts on “I cringe every time I see a truck on the boardwalk”

  1. I’ve noticed the trash is now being picked up by a brand new cart. The city probably has to buy these vehicles for the repair crews. As far as police presents I’ve only seen the motorcycle cop on the boardwalk

  2. Every time a vehicle drives on the boardwalk it is damaging our property. OUR property, that boardwalk belongs to the citizens of Long Beach, not to “the City.” Yesterday one of the FD vehicles drove up one ramp and stopped at the beach entry, 20 feet away, as special reason they couldn’t have walked? There was no particular emergency at the time. We have to keep hammering the point across that the boardwalk is not a road.

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