What is a Parking Enforcement SUV doing on the boardwalk? [Let us end truck traffic on the boardwalk right now)

UPDATE Sept 10th:

I realize there are many of you who wish to remain anonymous. For that, I created the Seabythecity Anonymity Photo Dump: Click this link and send your photos to me. You can also always email me. Your email address and name will never be published without your consent.


Tonight (Sunday) at around 7pm there was a navy blue City of Long Beach Parking Enforcement truck cruising the boardwalk between Neptune & Franklin Blvds. Now, I don’t recall illegal parking to ever be an issue on our boardwalk, do you?

The driver appeared to be cruising on what was a perfect Sunday night where tons of people were walking, biking and soaking in the salt air. I’ve already had it up to HERE with beach maintence and their trucks this week. Maybe it’s time for a change. Who is in charge of these actions and when is the city going to wake up and put an end to this madness? The old ways of doing business in this city needs to stop.

The reason why our boardwalk is in such bad condition is because of these trucks loosening the boards. As a taxpayer who pays for these jobs and wood, I want truck traffic on the boardwalk to end now. Perhaps this should be a major issue during our next city council election?

I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the parking enforcement truck tonight, but can my readers do me a favor? Every time you see a truck, I don’t care if it’s a police, parking enforcement, beach maintenance or whatever, please snap a photo and send them in so I can post them on here. Try to get faces too if you can. TAKE PHOTOS OF ALL TRUCKS ON THE BOARDWALK AND MAIL THEM TO ME (contact page).

Coney Island uses golf/Gem cars (see photo below). Why can’t we too? I’d rather the city spend our money on those instead of wood and slip and fall lawsuits.

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  1. Sea By The City should do a monthly (or bi-monthly) cause. All the readers can gather evidence, do research and then we can all contact the city regarding the issue du jour. If we get organized, they can’t ignore us all, right? … Guys?

  2. I think now you are realizing more why I do not want ANY volunteer work on the boardwalk until this city management either shapes up or ships out. I also walked the boardwalk and took some photos that I have continuously taken this summer, to show that the same issues have been on the boardwalk the entire summer. Maintenance was almost absent from the city this year…
    Can I send you some of my photos?

  3. I can’t even guess what they were doing on the boardwalk except to interrupt pedestrians and bikers but I can tell you what they weren’t doing. They weren’t giving tickets to the double parkers by the Associated or in front of Yummy Yummy. They weren’t nailing speeders or people running stop signs.

  4. Yes please send me your photos. Please let me know when and where (if I can’t tell by the photo). Although WHEN is more important. I am seriously going to turn this into a major issue next election.

  5. Somebody needs to go to a city council meeting and bring this up at the end of the meeting. City employees need to be instructed to keep their heavy vehicles off the boardwalk. It’s common sense, and it’s a safety hazard to have them driving around with darting children, frail elderly, bikes….

  6. I want to know why on Monday (Labor Day) at 7:57 am I was awoken by banging and a beach maintenance truck . Guess they waited until Monday to repair the three or four boards on the boardwalk @ Long Beach Blvd. in order to get the overtime! What a waste…

  7. They are probably on the boardwalk to avoid all the stop signs they don’t stop at anyway. Imagine if cops and the light blue shirts actually followed the laws/ordinances they are supposed to enforce. Maybe society would respect the laws as well. Just saying!

  8. Didn’t President Fran, sorry Pres. Lenny run on the Fix the Boardwalk platform. They haven’t managed to stop the single most destructive factor affecting the Boardwalk….heavy vehicle traffic. They obviously don’t get it !!!!!

  9. UPDATE Sept 10th:

    I realize there are many of you who wish to remain anonymous. For that, I created the Seabythecity Anonymity Photo Dump: Click this link and send your photos to me. You can also always email me too. Your email address and name will never be published without your consent.

  10. Just because the vehicle says “Parking Enforcement” does not mean that parking enforcements agents are in the vehicle. Wake up

  11. @some people – regardless of who was in it, it did not belong on the boardwalk. The city promised to eliminate police vehicles on the boardwalk during the day and the Department of Public Works promised to drastically reduce how often they use it…even going so far as to retrofit smaller vehicle to reduce the impact when traveling on the boardwalk is necessary.

    The bottom line is that heavy vehicles are destroying the boardwalk and wasting our money. There is NO reason for it. Sorry if you think that’s me knowing too much. I’d be interested in your theory as to why it should have been there.

  12. We need to keep hammering (no pun intended) the point that the boardwalk is not for the convenience of DPW, PD, Beach Patrol vehicles. It is not a road and arguably, it is the most important structure in the city. They wouldn’t drive across my front lawn so why should they drive on my boardwalk?

  13. Max, we are talking about joy rides or unnecessary trips – I have personally seen trucks use the boardwalk as if it were a road. Next time you’re on your bike and you see a truck, follow them. You’ll be surprised what you see.

    Emergencies are obviously a different case.

    As far as this issue – just received an email from Jack Schnirman. I’ll update in a bit.

  14. I don’t think anyone has a problem with using a vehicle on the boardwalk in an emergency, just like people don’t have problems with cops running red lights in an emergency. It’s when they do it so they can get to some doughnuts or the diner faster that most have an issue. I would have thought the distinction was fairly self-evident, but I guess not.

  15. As long as we are on the same page that’s fine. While I can see no reason for the parking enforcement vehicle on the boardwalk, Police vehicles must be allowed up there to patrol,not just respond when when needed.

  16. Whoa, hold on. Are you telling me law enforcement officers of 2012 are no longer capable of *walking a beat*?

    If the very southern part of LB needs to have a physical presence to stop crime, what’s wrong with driving down Shore Road?

    If you’re worried about crime on the beach itself, good luck getting a cruiser down one of the ramps onto the beach. You’d be better off putting the truck on the sand. Besides, a truck on the sand can see what’s going on under the boardwalk and immediately nearby it, the truck on the boardwalk can’t.

    Or, if cops are incapable of walking a beat and driving on Shore just yards away isn’t good enough and if driving on the sand also isn’t good enough, they could always, as Anthony mentioned this very post, get a Gem car.

    To think that the only way to get a law enforcement officer from point A to point B is an SUV and that the cops must be on the boardwalk itself and nowhere else means you’ve got blinders on when looking at this issue.

  17. so if they were at a spefic call when they are done what they do carry a large sign stating ” I was at a call please forgive me” what a bunce of donkeys…..just saying

  18. I agree with Brian. I would feel that the police are disconnected from what’s going on by being inside of a car. Besides that, it’s dangerous for them to drive fast on the boardwalk if such emergency does happen. There are better ways for them to patrol. Not one cop riding back and forth. Why not a few on each end on segways or golf carts?

  19. I think this discussion should be based solely on what is good for the boardwalk. Car and trucks, no matter who is driving them, are not good for the boardwalk. Our boardwalk and beach can be safe and clean without car and truck traffic (save for emergencies). This is really not that difficult. Our PD can use bikes, feet, golf carts, scooters, perhaps motorcycles for basic beat patrols. Garbage can be deal with by trucks from road or beach or use of golf carts. Don’t see why we have to start talking about donuts, laziness, etc. Adds nothing; problem is easy to solve.

  20. Unfortunately the way the boardwalk is designed, patrolling should consist of being able to drive on it. Sorry that’s my opinion. I agree with you about the trucks and non essential persons taking a joy ride up there but a patrol car must be able to go from one end to the other. Yes a cop can get out and walk a little, that wont hurt him/her.

  21. Max: In years past, the LBPD used a small, light ,3 wheel scooter to patrol the boardwalk. They also uses a 2 wheel motor scooter that was nearly silent riding on the boards. Both are vastly lighter than a 2.5 ton PD cruiser and do far less damage. The 3 wheelers are still used by the NYPD–no reason that the LBPD can’t do the same. If backup was needed regular cruisers still responded. NON EMERGENCY VEHICLES SHOULD BE BANNED.

  22. Wasn’t fast enough with my camera last night when I saw a LBPD SUV on the boardwalk going east from Allegria area past Edwards at 8:20pm. Leaving camera by balcony door from now on!

  23. Susan – by all means, snap away, but the city has contended that vehicle patrols are still necessary on the boardwalk during the evenings. I’m not arguing the merits either way, just relaying the info. Like I said though, keep on snapping away.

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