City Manager: “I have reiterated the no vehicles directive.” [The Boardwalk Is Not A Road]

(Photo taken yesterday by an anonymous reader and uploaded to us via the anonymity photo dump. Is this an emergency? Where are the segways or Police Golf Carts?)

Ok, so the city is listening to our complaints regarding all the vehicular (truckparking enforcement vehicle) traffic on the boardwalk. I just heard from City Manager Jack Schnirman and he had this to say: “I agree completely, and have been working hard to change the culture where vehicles, particularly in the off summer season, were on boardwalk. Nevertheless, I have reiterated the no vehicles directive.” This is all similar to what John from Screwtheboardwalk reported a few weeks back  (read – Screwin’ Ain’t Easy – An update and solicition for opinions on Screw the Boardwalk.)

What about that parking enforcement vehicle that I spotted the other day? Jack said he had the police commissioner pull the records from Sunday night to see about the parking enforcement issue. He believes it was one of the specials using a vehicle to respond to a call.

I’ve met Jack several times and I believe him when he says he’s working on it; the guy really wants to save this city some money. Less boardwalk repair is one way we can save cash, but we have to keep pushing this topic. It’s going to take a culture change as well. Some long time city workers just love taking the scenic route… Please keep sending me your photos. I have five total so far, but we need more! If you want to remain anonymous, upload them with our public anonymity photo dump or just email me directly. I won’t share your email or name (and I think I’m a nice guy to chat with.)

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7 thoughts on “City Manager: “I have reiterated the no vehicles directive.” [The Boardwalk Is Not A Road]”

  1. Thank you so much for making noise about this!! I’ve always been blown away by this intrusive tactic that benefits no one (except of course the attention-seeking cop/metermaid)

  2. John, I hope that was offered tongue in cheek. But it does bring up another issue. There are signs which clearly indicate dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk, yet all summer long I have seen people sashay right past the signs and the “Specials” who were standing right near the entry. Nothing was said and I seriously doubt they didn’t see the dogs. So my question is why we need the Specials; they don’t enforce the dog law, they don’t prevent people from breezing past the beachpass booth and although they are on foot they don’t seem to really patrol. So why are we paying them to take in the sun?

  3. Another issue that needs to be addressed is the excessive traffic on the beach. The garbage trucks roll by so often they rarely even have garbage to pick up. How about limiting the frequent rides towards the end of the day when most people are leaving. There are at least 4 employees just riding back and forth on beach days enjoying the sun! Town cars and lifeguards are also driving endlessly back and forth. Don’t they have radios to communicate with one another? How does every other beach get along without all the trafffic! The constant traffic is an eyesore, dangerous and excessive.

  4. It was a bit tongue and cheek. The whole no dogs allowed anywhere in Long Beach thing really aggravates me, but I won’t go there.

    I agree, get rid of the specials. They do absolutely nothing… I think they ticket people for riding their bikes on the ramp. Need to get rid of the useless kids at the ticket booths too. I hate paying for my beach pass while I watch everyone walk past them. Let’s put barbed wire under the boardwalk to stop the people who jump from the boardwalk to the beach to avoid paying too!

    I just saw a maint. truck drive by on the boardwalk (had to stay on topic).

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