[SIGN THE PETITION] Tired of the West End summer parking nightmare?


Please join us in asking the city council to re-visit the West End resident parking proposal recommended by consultants in 2007 and 2008.

The signers of this petition call on the City Council of Long Beach to re-examine the recommendations of the 2008 West End Parking Study and the 2007 City of Long Beach Comprehensive Plan (Part III page 28), both of which support the implementation of resident parking permits in the West End of Long Beach.

We suggest that the city council form a West End Resident Parking Committee. This Committee would consist of West End homeowners, City Council members and business owners. It is our goal that the committee would jointly address solutions to the worsening parking conditions for residents in our community and come up with a Pilot Resident Parking Plan for the start of the summer of 2013.

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: Tired of the West End summer parking nightmare?


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10 thoughts on “[SIGN THE PETITION] Tired of the West End summer parking nightmare?”

  1. I’m not sure how it would all play out but I envision a scenario in which some of the resident lots would be open to visitors for the benefit of local businesses.Forget the muni-meters for now.

    Certainly most of us are skeptical about committees “If you want to kill an idea get a committee on it” but it seems like the city paid this “parking specialist” over $40k to come up with something, at least try to work out some of the problems and try it; we can keep finessing it as we go along, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Enough cliches for one night.

  2. no, you should seek alternative solutions or use a brain cell when you decide to move into one of the densest cities in the country.

    We don’t even have a Director of Transportation and someone is suggesting a Parking Committee?

    What’s next, free gas?

  3. Thanks for your constructive criticism and innovative solutions (TOTAL SARCASM). Don’t respond if you don’t have any solutions yourself. I don’t see you doing anything about this situation except panning it.

  4. I do have solutions and have met with the appropriate parties to discuss these. I’ve written a 15 page document on parking alternatives that considered Long Beach in comparison to successful models in San Francisco. Last Spring I spent a few hours with the head of traffic walking around the station and discussing everything from the hot spots for illegal parking, curb cuts, meters and possible solutions to alleviate congestion issues. This is a discussion I continue to have.

    Currently I’m working on a program for bike safety and continue to push the city to highlight biking as an alternative. Our bus system could work so much more efficiently however we don’t have a head of public transportation anymore. As if alternative transportation wasn’t already undermined, to hear someone suggest a parking committee really turned my stomach. My apology for being so graphic, obviously I get a bit too passionate about this stuff. There’s just so much emphasis on automobiles meanwhile pedestrians and cyclists take the backseat. Ironic, seeing as biking and walking are the most obvious solution to reducing congestion.

    To address anything concerning parking one must be careful not to restrict it to a certain area because you have a spillover effect. There cannot be meters in one area and free parking in the next without seeing a neighborhood with strange cars and change in traffic flow. May I suggest that if you want to form a parking committee that you don’t limit it to the West End?

    I looked at the petition and would suggest you give it more structure

    –> define your parameters – like I suggested above, consider being city wide versus restricted to one area (you will have spillover)

    –>define parking problem- base it on more quantitative data rather than “I want to go to jersey and not worry about parking”. explain why it is a problem

    –> keyplayers. who is this a problem for? is it limited to automobile owners? who else does this affect?

    –> what are the objectives?

    –> what are the goals and how will they be measured?

    –> what alternatives have you given to parking?

    are you just going to concern yourselves with parking or will this work in efforts alongside transportation (public transport as alternative), law enforcement (illegal garage usage, curb cuts), public relations, chamber of commerce…?

    —>what is the suggested structure you are proposing for this committee? What are the specific responsiblity’s?

    and I’m wondering if and how you will look at parkings contribution to congestion.

    What concerns me thus far is the lack of structure in this committee proposal. Maryellens comments of people being “hostage” in their homes really undermines any efforts towards alternative transportation. I don’t want to censor anyone but I’d strongly encourage everyone involved to not make misleading statements that undermine ANY alternative or that incentivize driving.
    There hasn’t been any environmental concerns brought up and that might be something to consider as cruising for parking increases carbon emission…yet more impervious surfaces and incentivizing driving is not better for the environment.

    does the city really need a West End parking committee or does it really need someone in a policy making position to grow a pair of balls and take this shit seriously? why is this even a subject right now while every other city even less than ours has these issues addressed? even bloomberg has the balls to tell people to get out of their cars and that was sooo, like, yesterday. Seriously, whats the problem here? Why can’t we look to Portland, DC, San Francisco, Boston? Why are we so behind?

    You know my answer.

  5. I hear the desire to encourage much less car use, and can prove it with my own lifestyle. However, the West End and LB residents suffer a lot from parking issues, and rejecting a proposed committee to help make things better, and belittling their frustration and concerns, is not constructive.

    This is one reason why problems in LB do not get solved. It’s something I’m familiar with from living in (very) small town Michigan; it’s a common phenomenon, but not universal (local ex of better approach: Rockville Centre). Here in LB, often an issue moves almost instantly to inflammatory, not-suitable-for-the-classroom/courtroom language and then people of good will who are new to community activism, or just new to the town, withdraw.

    Because rough and rejecting language, during discussions or in forums like this one, is an act of aggression. In fact, that is the unconscious motivation for using such language in the first place–to get newcomers and new ideas to go away, so that the old guard (of any age) can retain its power and control. Often that’s what happens too, because who among us is not a busy person? And we all know aggression when we hear it. But without a groundswell of support, you can’t make political changes happen, and that’s one of the reasons some things don’t improve around here. That non-improvement is then championed by the old guard as proof that their view of the world is true (“can’t fight city hall!”), when in fact they acted to help make it happen that way.

    The petition idea is definitely a great start, but just a little reminder too from civics class, it is necessary to prepare and make a presentation to city council to get your concerns on the public record. And strategically that’s almost always a good path. Petition signers need to be LB residents to have an impact on elected officials.

    Parking modeling is a complex subject, if the studies have been done, then working toward implementing their recommendations sounds like a great idea.

    If I can help, Guest Poster, please let me know. seasidecivic.org

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