We came. We saw. We Painted. [One Booth is Done]

Today, as a community art project, we painted one of the ticket booths on the boardwalk. For the history of how this came about, please read the following seabythecity posts:

The Victim: The Magnolia Blvd Ticket Booth

The goal of this project was to just see what we can do, get some feedback and hope it kick starts something bigger. If feedback is positive, then perhaps next spring we can organize a volunteer Paint-A-Booth day. If you don’t like what we did, please give us constructive criticism instead of just saying “I don’t like what you did”. We worked hard and volunteered several hours of our time (and some money) to do this. So please be nice and tell us what you think 🙂

WHO ARE WE? I would like to thank Allison, Bob, Tricia, Arnie, Sherie / Ree,  Jamie and a few others whose names I didn’t get. I think we all did a wonderful job! Also, a big thank you to those who came by and said hi! I want to write more, but I can’t seem to get the paint off my fingers and it’s getting all over my computer keyboard!


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  1. Thanks for all the positie feedback so far! Paint-a-booth day will happen this spring, if we really want it to happen.

    Major thanks to Allison for making this whole thing happen and for all the help she brought!!

  2. Great job guys. Special thanks to Allison out there getting things done. I did not get a chance to paint anything, so put me in for the New York ticket booth and I know a few people would be happy to do the Grand Boulevard ticket booth. Great job.
    Jamie Lynch
    PS – hanging an American flag on the beach side would really make it look spiffy.

  3. The Patch comments section has an interesting response concerning volunteers vs union labor. While the comments are a bit rough on the edges, it’s a good topic for discussion particularly during times of cutbacks.

    Having said that, this being a pilot program its more of a task than a job.

    The booth looks fantastic, I look forward to seeing more!

    May I suggest the following…
    Laurelton (and Lincoln?) booth be painted by the Long Beach Surf Association kids w/surf theme.
    National booth painted by lifeguards
    A booth for each our firemen, police, veterans
    A volleyball themed booth
    One with a City by the Sea theme

    I’m thinking a booth for each noncommercial group that has a direct impact on our beaches. I’d be happy to assist in any way possible.

  4. regarding those patch comments: I don’t remember getting paid to paint that booth and I don’t recall hearing about them getting painted anytime soon. It’s a slippery slope if a few folks want to turn this into an issue.. it’s called volunteering and beautification. so far feedback as been nothing, but positive.

    It’s getting kinda old watching stuff in this city rot. If a few folks are scared their jobs are being taken away, why don’t they paint the rest? yeah, i thought so… Perhaps this city and it’s people need to rethink how our tax dollars are being spent.

    it’s a community project, volunteering and beautification. I applaud the folks who thought outside the box and allow us to do this.

  5. I really don’t think there are any fine points….you guys volunteered your time and money to do a really good thing. It’s called caring about your community, giving back to your community and making a difference.

  6. Thanks folks. I mean, we did not get paid to do this, thus we aren’t scabs. I am just saying that if they want to make this a scab issue, opposition is going to be kinda strong. They are basically saying nobody is allow to volunteer anymore..

    Do we want an ugly Long Beach were nothing gets done VS people who want to volunteer and make Long Beach prettier.

    Who is going to get the most support? Not your side. I will dance if they keep bringing this issue up, otherwise, let’s drop it. I have nothing to lose. I have no friends or family in local office or union, so I am ready to dance if they want to.

    Alas, It’s not a union issue. It was a community project. People were tired of looking at these ugly ticket booths, so we volunteered our time to beautify. There were no current plans to paint them. A few years ago plans to paint them were dropped because Beach Maintenance didn’t want to do it.

    The reason why I am so adamant about this is because we want all the booths painted and not have that ruined by a few folks worried about their jobs. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to lose them and we aren’t going to get paid painting. We sincerely want Long Beach to be a prettier place. That is our sole motive, nothing else.

  7. Anthony….I’m TOTALLY on your (and everyone else who participated) side.

    It is ridiculous that this is even an issue and if you read some of the rhetoric being posted by the union guys on The Patch then for your sake you may want to let the LBPD know when the next paining effort is so that they can keep an eye on you for your safety.

  8. Anonymous, there are no sides here. There are no scabs here and if the city union workers are that insecure I am sorry. The residents who painted a beautification project were not looking to work for the city, take union jobs, etc. The purpose of painting that booth was to beautify the city. To say we don’t have to live with the beige buildings. We the people can make this city look better! Things can change the city can be beautiful. This city doesn’t have money to paint the booths, bathrooms, parks and all the other area’s in this town that need to be redone. I wish they did. I wish the city could hire 50 more men and women and have them make this city sparkle. We don’t have the money! The union and non-union workers in the city are doing there best to just keep things looking as best as they can with the lack of funding and manpower. No was trying to insult the union in anyway! The residents of this city are tired of hearing the same old things that this is Long Beach nothing gets done, etc. We want things to change, and I for I will volunteer to assist in making those changes and hopefully union members will too!

  9. Sadly the union guys on the other board just don’t seem to get it which is really a shame. It’s like calling someone who volunteers to do story time at the library a scab because they are taking a job away from a teacher.

    Please keep up the great work and I will continue to support this effort and other volunteering efforts (beach clean ups, etc.) Because these are the things that make a strong community.

  10. It looks great!! What a difference some scraping and painting can do to a neglected ticket booth!! Great job to Anthony for setting it up and great job to ALL the volunteers.

    Now, back to reality. You had been writing and complaining about the booth’s appearance since at least JULY! It is now September and the good people of Long Beach had to volunteer their time and energy to do a job that the city was paid with our taxes to do in the first place. In July it was nice enough for you to bring it to the city’s attention in this public forum, but in September for you then to have to go and get it done yourself, really shows the City of Long Beach that we have a lack of leadership from the top down.

    Jack Schnirman is the City Manager. Like any GOOD manager he should be managing to have Long Beach looking much more presentable than it does now. He should have had his maintenance department in his office in MAY and told them every booth will be painted over the next 3-4 weeks! Didn’t happen and in September the citizens had to do it.

    Our taxes are going up, and our services are going down……

    Sad day in Long Beach when the city cannot even paint a booth in 3 months….

  11. When the city had school children paint the fence in Georgia Park was that Jack Schniman poor management too?

    This booth is exactly like the fence in Georgia Park a community beautification project!

    Jack is terrible for forcing children to paint! How dear he allow people to volunteer!

    Stop the politics! They have been tan color for years!

  12. I think this should be viewed more as a success for our community volunteers than as a failure of City Hall.

    City Hall has limited resources and budget and can’t do everything that we would like it to so people stepped up and used their own time and money to fill the gap.

    THAT is a great thing because it shows that people care and want to make our community a better place.

  13. Jack is not an elected official. Anything I said was not political, in fact, by having a City Manager as opposed to an elected Mayor, City Manager is supposed to be an APOLITICAL position.

    I was not being political I was commenting on a manager’s job performance as a manager, managing the city I live in and pay his salary. In terms of boardwalk maintenance and general city maintenance since Jack was HIRED he has not performed to my standards.

    This was not a School fence, this is a booth on a boardwalk. It is no larger than 200 sq ft of surface area, and pathetic that the city doesn’t have this on a scheduled yearly painting. The volunteers weren’t painting these booths because they didn’t like the tan color, it was in desperate need of a paint job.

  14. Anonymous, by “fine points” I mean excellent explanation. Excellent work and much appreciation to you and your fellow volunteers for a beautiful contribution to the betterment of our community. This is not a union issue. The use of a term like scab is simply idiotic. I don’t know you, but thank you for all the good things you’re doing.

  15. Yes Anon. I meant Anthony and fellow volunteers. Attribute my poor usage to a day on the beach and a couple of beers. Thanks to all, the many, who do little and big things to make our community the place I love to call home.

  16. You can all it whatever you want. However, the city has borrowed close to $25,000,000 in the last 12 months for many different reasons. The fact that they could not find it in their budget, their time, or list of priorities is pathetic whichever way you want to you look at it.

    This is less than a $250 job from start to finish – This is not some new maintenance item that got missed, these booths have been in poor shape for months, the issue IS that the city’s taxes are increasing and the services and overall maintenance and appearance are declining….

  17. The City’s limited resources , You have to be kidding. The City budget this year is $ 87,000,000. They have money for what they want to do. It is a matter of priorities and what is in their best political interest. Don’t think a few thousand dollars on this much needed project would break the bank.
    Great job on the booth.

  18. Sometimes the only way to get things done is take the bull by the horns. The beach isn’t being maintained. The boardway, booths, and bathrooms all look terrible and are rotting away. If the city can’t do it then volunteers will.

  19. Great job. Very inspiring! One small step for a booth, one large step for the boardwalk and beach. What the Central Park Conservancy did for Central Park, we can do for our boardwalk. Ignore all naysayers and plow forward.

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