Smaller crowd, same great surf [ESPN on the unsOund Right Coast Cup]

(Photo by Mike Nelson of unsOund)

By looking at the photos above, you’ll see the 2012 unsOund Right Coast Cup on the left and the Quiksilver Pro 2011 on the right. Notice anything different? Despite the crowd difference, ESPN still calls Long Beach a place of great surf, in their article titled: Smaller crowd, same great surf.

“This week proves to produce so well for New York you could set your clock by it. And when Hurricane Leslie swell pulsed into National Ave. for the second half of this week, Kelly Slater, Bob McKnigth and 40,000 New Yorkers were not there waiting for it. There were barely 40 people on the beach, but the waves were still ridden.

It’s pretty awesome seeing surfing events in Long Beach being written up on ESPN. Granted, this event featured some of the best from the east (right) coast. Check out the full article @ ESPN: Smaller crowd, same great surf.

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