Long time LB resident has his say on “surf contests” [OPINION]

Dear Seabythecity,

I know that you are supportive of the surfing contests so here’s a peek at the other side of the coin.

I lived for many years near “The surfing Beach”.  Every year after labor day, the surfers would descend from everywhere.  They would hog all of the on-street parking and would be living in cars, trucks right outside our homes, changing clothes in the street and pissing there.  I know there were restrooms under the boardwalk at Lincoln, but the street was closer.

8AM the overly loud loudspeakers and air horns began.  If there were 3 spectators the guy with the microphone would be yelling with max volume to excite the crowd of 3 people (which was often the case).  If I called the cops they would get them to turn it down, which didn’t last.   There was no need to have the volume turned up so high.  I was inside my apt with the windows closed and a/c on and couldn’t hear the TV or stereo because of it. I was also the better part of a block away from the speakers

Because of the timing of the contest, the surfing contest arrived at the same time of year as the cool weather when we could turn off the A/C and open our windows. But we had to close them

There’s no logical reason a speaker at low volume can’t be placed on the boardwalk, pointed out to sea. The spectators could hear every word, and the asshole with the microphone could turn it down, a lot. The air horns could be replaced with a guy knee deep in the surf with a lifeguard whistle.  If swimmers can hear it when the lifeguard’s do it, so can the surfers.

Surfing contests are really bad neighbors. Why can’t it be moved to the foundation block, no nearby resident and lots of parking?  It’s no longer MY problem but I think that you should know how the resident’s nearby feel.

– “The Wise Man”

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12 thoughts on “Long time LB resident has his say on “surf contests” [OPINION]”

  1. I assume your the guy that hates christmas and hand outs apples with razor blades to kids on halloween. The contest starts at 8am have never run past 5pm. Normal business hours. Why aren’t you complaining for all the bands that play on the beach. If they werent playing moldy oldies I think your tone would be different. I know you may have to listen harder to hear everything judge judy and drew carrey are saying during these few days of the contest but maybe ask the audiologist to turn up the hearing aids 2 or 3 notches for those days. We are a beach town. Surfing happens at the beach. Contests happen at the beach. Should just learn to live with it.

  2. With all due respect “The Wise Man”, I do not think you make a compelling argument at all regarding the surf contests. The fact that you cannot watch television for a few days out of the year sort of makes you sound like a grumpy old man – which is why I guess ray had such a strong reaction. The benefits to the community certainly outweigh the moderate inconveniences. Why did you put the surfing beach in quotation marks? Are you implying that this part of the beach is not designated for surfing, or that it is being used improperly? From what I have seen, the surfers treat the community with a great deal of respect.

  3. Maybe NOW you know how we folks that live near where the BIG surfing event felt when it was right under OUR windows! When WE folks down by the Super Block felt the brunt of it.

    Do you hear me now that YOU feel the ignorant nonsense! now? Were you when the brunt of this was by us? But now I have to hear YOU Narcissistic Rage? Maybe you should have familiarized yourselves with our anger then!

  4. Is this post by “the wise man” a joke? Am I being punked???? I could not care less about surfing or surf contests, but if your jimmies are rustled by things going on at the beach…don’t live at the beach.

    Actually, we can use that same argument for the west end people that complain about the bars.

  5. shame on those kids who change in the street. cant they afford an oceanfront home like the wiseman? reminds me of the old people in my building who seemingly rather their neighbors be drug addicts than surfers who are active and promote something good for the youth in our town.

  6. I think LB should make more of an effort to only pursue that which does not disrupt “The Wise Man’s” way of life/TV watching. It should not be limited to surfing contests that last a few days…at a beach.

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