Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally @ Point Lookout [Sierra Club]

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Right now LIPA is deciding between two paths. The first path will take us down a road of dirty energy paved by big money interests and will lock us into dependence on fossil fuels for the next several decades. The second path will lead us to a healthier, more sustainable future by investing in clean energy, like offshore wind, and building up our local economy.

Before LIPA decides how they will power our homes, it is crucial that they hear from us first! In fact, they are already feeling the pressure. Yesterday LIPA COO Michael Hervey received over 700 emails from Long Islanders like you and called us directly to discuss our demands! Now it’s time to take our message to the media and amplify the voice of even more Long Islanders.

Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally

Tuesday, September 25th

Point Lookout, NY

LIPA is going to announce their decision on October 2nd so we need to act now. We will also be launching our call-in campaign to LIPA at this event so every person that comes to this rally will be heard directly by LIPA. Come out on Tuesday and make sure your support for clean energy is heard.

This rally will be held in front of the wind turbine at the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways in Point Lookout. This will be a great opportunity to see the future of energy production up close and personal and hear from Long Island business leaders, students, and moms about why renewable energy is the right choice for Long Island.

Here are all the details:

What: Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally and Launch of Call-in Campaign

When: Tuesday Sept 25th at 11 AM

Where: Town of Hempstead Dept of Conservation and Waterways, Lido Boulevard,   Point Lookout, NY

Please use this link to RSVP:

Hope to see you there,

Sierra Club

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2 thoughts on “Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally @ Point Lookout [Sierra Club]”

  1. Hi Anthony,
    You know I’ll be there. People should know this is REALLY important-LIPA has to decide what they are doing to replace old power plants and what they will do when we need MORE electricity, which we will soon unless you all want to shut off your air conditioners! They are open to going in a “green” way, but need to hear it from their customers(ie-YOU). Unfortunately, everyone’s too busy, too distracted or sadly-indifferent, and definitely NOT hearing about this from the media.
    *Decisions are going to be made no matter what.
    *Speak up or not.
    *It’s going to cost, no matter what… so we need to decide what we’re paying for.
    Unfortunately, there is no time, they must decide soon what they will do.
    Do we want more smoke stacks like up by LIPA’s Island Park plant?
    There is a proposal for offshore wind (not visible) off Long Beach, don’t wanna spam u out with links, but whoever wants can find it at our blog-“Long Island’s First Offshore Wind Conference”

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