Skelos responds to “The Cost of State Senate Inaction: $183 Per Year, Per Household”

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos responds to our city’s plea/blame game (aka The Cost of State Senate Inaction: $183 Per Year, Per Household). Because his response was published in the LB Herald, I’m uncomfortable doing the old “copy and paste” of the entire letter, since it’s not exactly a press release. You can read the enter letter here: LB Herald – Skelos to city: blaming me for a tax increase is absurd, where Skelos says:

“I have read City Manager Jack Schnirman’s recent letter regarding the City of Long Beach’s ongoing financial problems and I continue to be troubled by his insistence on borrowing to address these problems, rather than following the state’s example of spending reductions and belt tightening.

…..Long Beach was not the only locality that sought legislation to authorize borrowing to close a budget deficit. The Senate refused to approve similar requests from other localities. In addition, we did not act on any requests to raise local sales taxes regardless of whether they came from Democrat or Republican administrations. Taxpayers have simply had enough of increases in spending, taxes and borrowing.”

Read the full letter to the editor @ The LB Herald  – Skelos to city: blaming me for a tax increase is absurd

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7 thoughts on “Skelos responds to “The Cost of State Senate Inaction: $183 Per Year, Per Household””

  1. I think Schnirman, Torres and Addleson picked a fight with the wrong guy when they started with Dean Skelos. Not too smart of Schnirman to try to lay the blame for his lack of planning and budgeting skills on Skelos”s doorstep. The so called short term tax increase is another nail in their coffin. They will be gone in 16 months if they last that long.

  2. Joe, I agree with you, and I am sure many other LB residents will also. All proves that Schnirman is inept, no budgeting skills, all show with his fancy power point presentations to try to confuse the average tax payer. There is no transparency. How much is the City going to have to pay him when he is fired next year?

  3. I agree with Skelos’ position on this, but he is definetly not being honest in his response. The fact of the matter is that Skelos was a proponent of a deal in Albany to bail out Nassau County, and one of the things that Skelos promised in return was his support on the Long Beach legislation. When the Democrats in the State assembly refused to support the Nassau County bailout, Skelos ordered his members not act on the Long Beach bailout. Those are the facts. Skelos, and all the politicians in Albany on both sides of the aisle, could care less about fiscal responsibility.
    Also, it is poetic justice that Harvey spent so many years kissing up to Skelos, Ford and other GOP members, and they are now all working against his re-election since they think they have a shot with 5 towns resident Sussman.

  4. first, it would be great if someone could explain the $183. second, I thought skelos had departed this world. i have seen that park in his name. creepy.

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