Lawyer Signs Popping up all over our City [Opinion]

A reader writes:

“I took this photo at the corner or LB Blvd and east Broadway. As if the old election signs aren’t bad enough, now there are lawyer web site signs. This can’t send a good message. Junk car signs will surely be next! Are these signs legal? Why does the city allow them? And is there a penalty for cutting the zip ties and removing them on our own?

I agree. Unless our city just put some fence space up for rent, that sign should not be there. I saw this same sign on the corner of E. Park and Roosevelt Blvd. I mean, it’s bad enough we have to stare at all those political campaign signs, but at least they serve some sort of public service (we hope). I really don’t think the city gave that law firm permission to put that sign up, so I give anybody permission to go over there and take it down. If they sue me, we’ll just settle it out of court.

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8 thoughts on “Lawyer Signs Popping up all over our City [Opinion]”

  1. the best we can do is notify the city when we see them. they say that they take them down and bring them back to city hall. once there, they’ll call the lawyer asking them to pick the signs up. when they do, they hit them with a fine. I like their style, but can’t say it seems to be working very well.

  2. PS…I just called the number on the sign to complain. unsurprisingly, the person answering the phones first told me the person i needed to speak to was in a meeting. when i asked for that persons name I was put on hold. When she came back, she said she didn’t have the contact information for the advertising company used to distribute the signs, but that if I left my info they would have someone get back to me by 3pm. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

  3. Though it looks like the city has already taken care of it, if anyone sees any more signs from this particular group, please call Frank Catilla at 516/939-3982. He apologies, is now well aware that hanging such signs in Long Beach is illegal and promises to remedy the situation post haste.

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