The Boardwalk Is Not A Road [Update]

Regarding these articles: The Boardwalk Is Not A Road.

I want to thank those who emailed me their photos. Sorry it took me forever to post them, but I was waiting for a few more. In all honesty, there is really nothing to update. Bottom line is this: The city is reading and hopefully listening. I made a page loaded with your photos, which I will continue to update as you send more in. Here is the page which can also found under the PROJECTS menu on the top bar of this site.

Keep sending in those photos! My favorite one so far is the plow truck below. Was Homer Simpson driving that truck? Where’s the snow? D’oh!

(Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow!)



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2 thoughts on “The Boardwalk Is Not A Road [Update]”

  1. Wish i was able to take a picture of what i just saw. I know this is just beating a dead horse now because i have not seen less vehicle traffic on the boardwalk. There was a pickup truck going roughly 15-20mph on the boardwalk. I was on Broadway driving and he was going just as fast as i was. Makes it seem like the effort to fix boards is not going to have much impact if they don’t stop driving up there.

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