Avenue Café (20 West Park Avenue) R.I.P.

The Long Beach Patch is reporting that Avenue Café Abruptly Shuts Its Doors [that’s the name of the article, so click that link to read the full story].  These are the same owners who did the same thing with short-lived bakery Everything Delicious, which closed after a month of operation last year [read – EVERYTHING DELICIOUS (And out of Business)].

I did a review of Avenue Café back in March 2011 and actually liked the place at the time, but my opinion has since changed and haven’t been back there in over a year.

As far as I’m concerned, Avenue Café (20 West Park Avenue) had two major problems:

  1. It was too big, yet didn’t have not enough seats for it’s size. Nobody wanted to sit upstairs and the bar area took up too much room.
  2. The menu was ridiculously large and confusing.

Here is my recommendation for any future café owners who wish to take that space with the same use: Go to Paninis and Bikinis (896 West Beech Street) in the West End and copy & paste. End of story.

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23 thoughts on “Avenue Café (20 West Park Avenue) R.I.P.”

  1. They were the Ocean Park Diner for many years before moving over and renaming to The Avenue Cafe. Owners were great and always welcoming. They were also the only diner open late night… (3am on weekends in the summers). I hope they come back.

  2. What’s sad is how many more businesses will close their door after the new tax bills come out in October. I hope I am wrong, but I cannot see how many of these businesses will be able to survive after paying 15%-20% higher in local property and school taxes…..

  3. The taxes are an issue and the rumor is, the rent on the space is $20,000 A MONTH, which is absolutely far too much for most entities that would go in that space. The family who owned Avenue Cafe was incredibly nice, worked very hard, but most likely took a tremendous financial hit on this.

    I do think the only option for that space is an already established “chain”, like a Lugers, whose expenses decrease with the additional locations.

  4. I’m sure the owners were really nice, but there menu was very large and confusing. Haven’t any of you seen Kitchen Nightmares? Chef Gordan Ramsay will tell you to keep the menu simple – EVEN DINERS!!

  5. You mentioned Paninis, but I worry they might have done the same thing…took a successful business and tried to double or triple output. In their case by adding the store location next to it. I have yet to see that space utilized to its full potential. I wish them luck, just worry they took too big of a leap.

    In regards to the Avenue Cafe, could someone please make this a small concert venue ? Would love to see some smaller acts play in Long Beach.

  6. Jess, you are on to something. A small concert venue would be amazing and perfect for that location! Plenty of parking across the street at the LIRR @ nighttime. The venue can use valet parking for out of town folks.

  7. I agree with Jess! I have always said that would be pretty cool as a concert venue for some up-and-comings. As far as the diner… Their food was actually pretty good, great value and fresh tasting ingredients from what I always ordered. However, I was treated pretty poorly by a server with a black eye there late night last summer. He told me I had to eat what he brought even though it was not what I ordered! I’ve been afraid to go in ever since.

  8. There are enough Bars & Restaurants in Long Beach, with new ones opening up what seems like almost every other week.

    Maybe someone will realize that they’re competing for an ever smaller slice of the exact same pie, and use the space for some sort of new and novel business. (but I doubt it)

  9. Also, any one of the dozen or so bars in the west end could & would choose to host small concerts/live music if there was demand for it.

    But beyond occasional cover bands playing at The Inn and The Beach House, there clearly isn’t.

  10. that would be awesome. Paramount is one of the best venues in the entire tri state area, not just Long Island. its state of the art with no bad seats in the house (see terminal 5 for comparison, terrible) and the founders room (vip downstairs) is the nicest bar in huntington. such detail and great design. well done up in 11743. but hey, im partial, im from the nawth shaw originaly 😉 saw janes addiction there, rusted root, and just saw snoop dogg there last week ha. with so much drama in the LBC its kinda hard bein snoop d oh double g…

    but I think our town showed how they really feel about concerts when they canceled quikpro’s concert schedule last summer where as the Flaming Lips were going to headline. but hey we can always go to Jones Beach if you wana see some terrible 80’s hair bands.

  11. Yes, like the Paramount but also add some better/ other acts. Think City Winery musicians as well as some up and coming, and fading bands.

  12. Agreed, The Paramount is a good reference. I’d like to state that as a person very well familiar with music scenes throughout the country, Long Island Suffers from Bars and Promoters Requiring Bands to Cover Music, and Not invest in Original composers. Cultivating A “Music Scene” in Bars with competing Cover Bands is a recipe for unsustainable results.
    On a second Note, I After my second time in the Avenue Cafe and The waiter telling me they had no Banana’s, they had no Lox to make my meals, I never bothered to go back in there.

  13. this is really for your next comment :), but that would mean we’d actually have to go IN to the Inn or Beach House..and ugh, I’d rather not. It would be awesome to go somewhere that’s not filled with drunk assholes and enjoy some music.

  14. I know that Peter Luger’s won’t come to Long Beach, but another good Steak House would be an excellent idea. It’s the one thing that we really don’t have one here.

  15. Wasn’t this formerly a dinner? The Laurel Luncheonette is my diner of choice, but I remember a dinner in the middle of town that closed up and then this place opened shortly afterwards with some of the same wait staff. Was it just they found new jobs at a new place or was it the same owners just rebranding?

  16. Brain, first of all, your West Meadow post on your blog is hilarious haha. But yes, same owners. They closed the smaller diner and opened the bigger one. I really liked the smaller one – thought they had great food with a simpler menu.

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