Interview with Senator Al D’Amato in which shares memories of late Larry Elovich [LongBeachNY.TV]

  “The City was always Number one with him” – Senator Al D’Amato on Larry Elovich

Video blog LongBeachNY.TV just sent over a recent interview of Senator Al D’Amato reminiscing about his friend, the late Larry Elovich. Senator D’Amato talks about when they met after Law School and later both pursued political endevers:  Mr. Elovich as a Democratic leader in Long Beach, D’Amato as a Republican in Island Park. How the difference in parties didn’t get in the way of their friendship. They were both were volunteer firemen, very active in their communities and how Mr. Elovich was very involved with the turnaround of Long Beach.

Senator D’Amato knows how to tell a story, so there’s some great history being told here. Check it out @ LongBeachNY.TV: [VIDEO] Senator Al D’Amato Remembers His Friend, Larry Elovich – Part 1 [No comments here – go over to LongBeachNY.TV and leave them.]

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