Fund the WaxVending Project! [Be a backer and get a gift in return!]

You might have seen one of these surf wax vending machines around town. I first noticed one earlier this year in front of LB Surf (see – Wax on the run). My first reaction was “wow, what a freakin’ amazing idea!” Little did I know it came from a Long Beach-born resident named Jacob, who plans on bringing these machines to the rest of the surfing world.

While Jacob admits the idea isn’t original, It’s never truly been implemented until now. With that, his mission is clear: to provide surfers with 24/7 access to surf wax through the placement of custom wax vending machines. There are in fact five machine in place on Long Island including LB Surf, unsOund & Boarders of Rockaway in the Rockaways. Jacob has been in contact with over 40 surf shops who are interested in a machine as well! In order to do just that, he is going to need your help. That’s why he started a fundraiser page @

If you pledge some money, you get an awesome gift in return. The pledges starts off at $1, which is a simple donation. The gifts start at a pledge of $5, where you will receive 1 BAMBOO WAX COMB + a personal thank you letter and have your name and comments added to our “thank you” web-list, a permanent fixture on From there are various tiers in between to the ultimate pledge of $10,000, where Jacob promises: Sponsor 25 Machines for 6 Months! Your surf related business will appear in large format on the face of 25 machines and on the wax labels located inside! You can choose where you want your message to appear from a list of machine locations.

Visit the Waxvending Project page for a full list of pledges and gifts: Help a local out. Pledge some money & get a gift in return. It’s that simple.

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3 thoughts on “Fund the WaxVending Project! [Be a backer and get a gift in return!]”

  1. Cool idea. Put them on the surfing beaches and I’d use it for sure.

    First, how much will the wax cost? Next, why would a surf shop put this outside their store and prevent shoppers from coming inside? Next, why would I donate to make someone rich?

    Otherwise, I like the idea. I don’t however donate to businesses. My government does that for me!

  2. Hi, I’m actually the founder of this project! I would love to address all your questions. The wax cost $1.00, next why would anyone stand outside a surf shop with an open door and fuss with quarters instead of just going inside? Next, if you actually looked at the webiste, you would see that the machines are provided to surf shops for free, that surf shops keep all the sales revenue, and that 5 surf shops are already enjoying the benefits of WaxVending. I am honored that you feel this idea is good enough to make someone rich! Anyway, perhaps take the time to check out the website and gain a better understanding of the project before you, well…ya know…speak. Your support is greatly appreciated, Freedom and Waxess for all!!!

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