Gear up! (Our Kids. Our Money)

You say, “I don’t have a kid in the schol district, so why do I need to vote in any school election?”
Let’s take a moment and think. You should vote in our District’s School Board elections as the Propositions, Trustee votes effect your wallet and more importantly the future of the children attending the schools in our District.

Up for next week’s vote on Thursday, October 18 

Proposition 1

Expenditure From Capital Reserve

Shall the Board of Education be authorized to expend a sum not to exceed $5.7 million representing monies from the Capital Reserve Fund with the following purpose (s): renovation of Long Beach High School required as a result of a ceiling collapse in the Spring of 2012, including all ancillary and incidental work required to be performed. Since the funds to be extended hereunder our from the Capital Reserve Fund, approval of this proposition will not require a levy upon the real property of the district. 

Get out and vote!

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9 thoughts on “Gear up! (Our Kids. Our Money)”

  1. Also there’s a grammatical error, intentionally of course! Points to the first person to find it!
    (please note points have no monetary value or any other just you may brag you are a well read person).

  2. Vote NO!!

    According to ALL news reports this was a ceiling collapse DUE TO THE CONSTRUCTION ongoing at the time of collapse. The Contractor’s insurance should be held responsible for ANY and ALL work that is required due to the ceiling collapse.

    In addition there is only $7,000,000 left in the Capital reserve Fund. This means that if you use $5,700,000 now, then you will only be left with $1,300,000 in the school’s “checking account.” Not a good idea to use 82% of your money for someone else’s mistake!! Also, seeing how this school board has no sense of fiscal responsibility or fiscal restraint we CANNOT leave such a low balance.

    A $5,700,000 construction project should go through the normal and agreed upon process of presentations and possibly even “bonding”. To leave the school system with so little “free cash” is a very bad idea.

    The School district bonded almost $100,000,000 for the system wide renovations and “stadium building” projects. They certainly can find cost savings in other places or do without some of the renovations if this is such a dire need.

    Each year your school taxes go up and up, but what people do not realize is they usually use the “free cash” to offset some of the tax increases. So, if you are getting a 3% increase, they usually take the other 3% they need from their “free cash” so the taxpayer thinks it is only 3% when it is really 6% increase.

    Does anyone find it odd that they could not have this vote on election day, less than 3 weeks from October 18th? Does it seem to anyone else like they are trying to “sneak” this vote in with as little publicity as possible? I think they should have the “guts” to put this vote on the day that so many people will be voting November 6….

    Vote NO!! make the school board present a clear, concise, defined proposal where they will be spending an additional $5,700,000 of YOUR MONEY!!! $100,000,000 wasn’t enough??

  3. I believe the contractor’s insurance should be held responsible for this work. However, if it is deemed NOT to be the contractor’s responsibility there are still serious issues with this request.
    The school board is asking for $5,700,000 while only using a whopping 86 words! That is $66,279.07 per word!!
    They do not give a single detail what “including all ancillary and incidental work required to be performed” constitutes. I think it is deceptive at worste and incomplete at best. Can they provide an engineers drawing of where the “ancillary” and “incidental” work is being performed. We are adults being asked to pay $5,700,000 in addition to the almost $100,000,000 already bonded and the school board is acting like children. If you went to a bank and asked them for a $5,700,000 construction loan with not a single detail and only 86 words, they would laugh you out of the office.
    We must vote NO and laugh this school board and school superintendent OUT of office and out of Long Beach. Fiscal sanity needs to return on the city level and to the school board.
    If they wanted to be real estate developers they should’ve chosen a different field.
    In previous articles on this website and the Long Beach patch, it is stated that “The approval would support the complete demolition and rebuilding of the suspended carport ceiling, as well as general construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work in areas in the immediate vicinity, including the high school main entrance, lobby, gym entrance, and locker room.”
    So was all this the result of the ceiling collapse or does it sound like they “added” things to be done under the guise of this ceiling collapse?

  4. Yeah Maureen! You win!

    Excellent questions “I Love This City”. I suggest you call/email our School Board Trustees and ask. Please report back what they say.

  5. Six million dollars to replace a suspended ceiling is $5,980,000 more than the engineers’ estimate obtained by the insurer.

    Wonder where the rest of the money is going?

    Typical corrupt Long Beach. Shame on these people. They should all rot in hell for stealing like this from the taxpayers.

  6. Hope everyone received their notice from “Your Board of Education” in the mail.

    Voting will only be at the East School between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18

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