A Concerned Citizen with a LB Traffic Light Concern [Opinion]

Ahh, Traffic safety, my favorite topic. Probably the most talked about topic on this blog since the beginning. Last week we talked about the Loop Parkway. Today’s topic is regarding the intersection over at Long Beach Blvd & E Pine Street.

A resident named Johanna has a concern with the stop light at that intersection. She claims that a change in the timing of the turn signal light has made it dangerous when making a right turn onto E. Pine Street:

I drive over the LB Bridge each day on my way home from work, and make a left just after the bridge onto Pine St (Walgreens on the corner). There’s a turning lane for the intersection with a green arrow in the traffic light. Typically, the southbound traffic would receive the green light first, with the green arrow for the left turning lane. Then after a minute, the northbound traffic would get a green too (no more green arrow). The lights turned yellow and then red for BOTH sides of traffic at the same time. Very safe, and everyone is on their merry way to and from work or wherever.

It seems the timing of the light has changed. NOW, when the southbound traffic light turns yellow and then red, northbound traffic still has a green. I see many drivers in that left turning lane (myself included) who have tried to sneak the left as the light is turning red, thinking the opposite side of traffic is stopping. Not the smartest move, but tons of people make the left as we’re losing the light. I have seen a bunch of close calls as people don’t realize the northbound traffic will not be slowing down anymore. And drivers BARREL through that road at high speeds, on both sides, getting in/out of town.

I’m not sure why the timing of the light was changed….Maybe it has something to do with the recent construction over the bridge? At any rate, it seems like a bad accident waiting to happen.

Although I’ve been on that road a million times, I’m unfamilar with that particular situation. Any thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “A Concerned Citizen with a LB Traffic Light Concern [Opinion]”

  1. I do make that turn but not frequently enough to know it’s pattern. Thanks for this post though, I’ll be sure to be more cautious around it both turning & heading northbound.

  2. It’s surprising LB hasn’t installed red-light cameras all over, since they are very good at generating revenue for police officer pensions and police officer toys.

  3. I make that turn literally every day and I too have noticed a change. I had no idea at first and almost got hit. And I’ve also noticed a lot of close calls. I have no idea why they would change this to make the even more dangerous. Sneaking in under the red light is pushing it in terms of legality, but now the turn has gotten much riskier. What a dumb change.

  4. Traffic Signal Issues: 516-572-0465
    Nassau County as Allison stated. Road work can screw up the signal. If you are concerned give them a call and the County will provide you with an answer.

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