Screw The Boardwalk Event! [It’s Hammer Time*]

Banging instead of screwing. That is what’s in store for next Sunday’s Screw The Boardwalk event.  John over @ Screw the Boardwalk sent me over the details:

When:  Sunday, October 21st at 10am
Where:  Boardwalk at Magnolia
Who:  Anyone and everyone that wants to help fix the boardwalk
What:  We’ll be working with the boardwalk maintenance crew to identify and replace old, rotting or warped boards. The folks from the city will train volunteers to spot boards that need to be replaced and how to replace them. We’re considering this event a ‘pilot’ program that, if successful, will lead to a significantly larger event in the Spring.

Bring hammers if you’ve got them. If not, the city is going to try and provide as many as possible. T-Shirts will be handed out for all volunteers (while supplies last).

Don’t forget to visit the Screw the Boardwalk facebook page for the lastest info on this event.

*Hammer Time joke was made by John already on facebook… Hey, I like to give credit where credit’s due 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Screw The Boardwalk Event! [It’s Hammer Time*]”

  1. would you prefer:
    a) a shitty boardwalk
    b) higher taxes
    c) people volunteering their time to help improve the boardwalk without paying higher taxes

  2. @John
    A – I agree the boardwalk is in the worst shape it has been in decades!!
    B – The taxes we ALREADY pay were supposed to include the boardwalk!!
    C – People should not have to volunteer their time when they ALREADY work and pay their taxes to pay the salaries of the same people they are going to be working along side. So the boardwalk maintenance crew has time on Sunday October 21st at 10am but not the other 364 days of the year? In a 87 million dollar budget they cannot find the money and the time to paint the booths or maintain the boardwalk?

  3. The negativity is really helpful. Almost as helpful as sitting back and complaining. We all should get off our duffs and get involved! My only concern is how much is the overtime costing? I am not saying that as a critic, I am simply asking.

    Again, John, you have done a great job Thank you!

  4. Why stop with the boardwalk, I would like to drive a bulldozer on the beach . I’m sure we can muster some volunteers for jobs in City Hall. Is there an engineer out there that a can cover for our non-engineer Public Works Comm. I’m sure we can locate a local CPA to give some time in the Comptrollers Office as our current paid guy doesn’t have the necessary qualifications. Anyone out there think they can help Mike Cruz or Karrie Mollet, they really need all the help they can get. C’mon folks there is lots to be done and we all can do something to help out our fair city and the crowd that is running this operation.

  5. I am not sitting back and complaining.


    Why do we pay taxes?

    These services have been factored in for decades, now all of a sudden we need volunteers?

    Why fire anyone who does a bad job, just send in volunteers?
    Why can’t we complain when we are paying someone to do a job and then volunteers have to go and do it themselves?

  6. and when was the last time you thought the boardwalk was in a good state of repair? eons ago. clearly there’s not enough budget for boardwalk repairs.

    it’s all besides the point. no one is forcing you to participate.

    this isn’t something the cit asked for. this is something i started.
    i asked if other people were interested in and, when enough people said yes, i approached the city and ask they make it happen.

    i’m sorry if you’re not content with the way the city is run.
    me, i just want to see a better city.
    and i’m willing to do something about.

    don’t get me wrong, i love the dialogue on these blogs.
    i’m probably on them too much.
    but there’s a limit to what it does.

    sometimes i go to meetings and say my piece.
    i sure as hell vote on every election.

    but i wanted to do more.
    so i decided to step up on this one. and others are going to join me.

    i’m sorry if it upsets you.
    but really, just take it for what it is. get over it.

    we’re just people who want to see something better.
    and we’re willing to do some work for it.

    personally, i’m thankful the city is letting us.

    let it be.

  7. Why not organize a power drill marching protest. People protest the lack of work being done by walking with power drills chanting “Drill baby Drill”

  8. The Entity called The Beach Park has two facilities, the beach and the boardwalk. The Beach Park is the second largest source of income the City of LB has, the first being property taxes. The boardwalk pay’s it’s own way.

    The problem is that the city council has traditionally (both parties are guilty) used the Beach Park as a patronage mill,employing some good people and a lot of unemployable loafers. Example: Large groups of teenagers are hired each year for the summer to “clean the beach. The teenagers (political appointees all) and adult supervisor’s meet on the beach each morning and go for a nice walk. Nobody picks up anything, nobody cleans the beach. Everyone walks and chats and get tan.Then the tractors/surf rakes clean the beach.

    How is the trucks on the boardwalk situation these days?

  9. I saw the volunteers on this beautiful morning and had some mixed feelings about the entire endevor. We live with great neighbors who would volunteer their Sunday to do manual labor, making their town a better place. That made me feel good.

    But I was also shamed by a public administration that would be so inept as to require taxpayers –women and children — to swing hammers that they are being paid to swing. After all, if taxes and local government can’t keep a wooden walk in a good state of repair, why are they there?

    I though of the union men whose salary had been cut who used to do this job. Spending is up, hiring is up, and they can’t buy for their families what they bought last year.

    I thought of their union, that negotiated a pay cut so twenty political appointees could be hires and so the cops and firemen would get raises. — The union they pay each month to protect their jobs and to represent them with the City.

    I’ve worn both hats over the years, owning a local business and also serving as a union chairman. So this is no easy situation to judge. Volunteers feel they are taking matters into their own hands and making Long Beach a better place. The City saves money, but on the other hand takes on HUGE liabilities while their employees lose jobs.

    What I come away with is a feeling that this is no situation to celebrate. Our government has become so corrupt and inept that it fails to provide the most basic service. Concerned citizens are picking up the slack but in doing so, hiking their own taxes and stabbing their neighbor employees in the back.

    Not all here is as good as it appears.

  10. I think the painting would be more worth people’s time. What was the criteria for replacement? Really our boardwalk is in very good shape… have you ever been to Coney Island or the Rockaways??

    How many boards were actually replaced during this event, what percentage of the boardwalk? This seems more like a #whitewhine than anything else.

  11. I see it as this…
    Eddie you have two choices

    1. Sit on there computer and complain about how bad everything, point fingers and play the blame game.
    2. Do something about it!
    You seem to choose to sit on the computer. I personally choose to do something!

  12. No boards that were touched were cut, just the protruding nails hammered into their perspective holes on a small section of the Boardwalk. No jobs were cut by your neighbors caring.

  13. sorry i didn’t see this earlier.

    First and foremost, we didn’t do anything that’s the job of the unions. no cutting, no replacement of boards. we simply re-nailed the boards that were coming lose, bowing or what-have-you.

    Honestly, I think you’re overthinking this one, Eddie. I love me some rational, well thought out discussion, but you’re making something out of nothing here. See Allison K’s options above for my take on this.

    @the_allegria_sucks – i agree with you. while everyone bitches about it, all things considered, I think the boardwalk is in pretty decent shape. certainly better now than it’s been in years past. that said, it’s upkeep is a never ending job and the city needs to know that we won’t accept it falling into a state of disrepair.

    Sunday was about community. The boardwalk got something around 1,000 nails driven into it, so clearly there were plenty of boards to attend to. At the end of the day though, it’s about stepping up and showing a little love for the community we all call home. I honestly have nothing to say to anyone who takes exception to that.

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