Café Picasso is gone [Villaggio Ristorante Of Long Beach is Coming Soon]

157 E. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY. Eventually a restaurant HAS TO work at that location….

Yep, Café Picasso is gone and another Italian restaurant called Villaggio Ristorante Of Long Beach is moving in. Villaggio promises us authentic Italian cuisine and brick oven pizza. Sounds good to me!

Ok, so Café Picasso did have some good pizza, but they never really featured it. I passed by yesterday morning and the place was being gutted and remodeled. Good idea; rid those spirits of failed-Italian-restaurant-past (Picasso, Mulberry, etc).

It’s all about good food and I love brick oven pizza, so I’ll definitely give Villaggio a try. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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12 thoughts on “Café Picasso is gone [Villaggio Ristorante Of Long Beach is Coming Soon]”

  1. Never got to try Café Picasso and wanted to because of your review. Mulberry wasn’t too bad. Strange how things just don’t stick in so many places around here.. Long Beach is a perfect place to watch if you want to be discouraged from opening your own restaurant.

  2. James nailed it- people grossly underestimate the cost of running a restaurant and overestimate the draw of their pecan pie/lasagna/whatever. Living in the West End, I do not anticipate driving by Laguna and they’re game changin’ brick oven for an East End locale.

  3. Laguna is a very inconsistent restaurant. I feel that they are lacking in management leadership . It seems as if the young girls who are hosts run that place, but not too well.

  4. OK I’ve read these reviews about Picasso but I feel compelled to tell all about our experience at the new Villaggio Ristorante that took its place. This new restaurant is actually not so new. Villaggios has a very successfull place in Whitestone, NY and decided to fill the much needed spot here in Long Beach. Well Than You Villaggio! This restaurant is so good with excellent and imaginative food and great wines all at affordable prices. The owner Dominick and the entire staff are so warm and professional. Terry and I were made to feel comfortable and welcome. I haven’t enjoyed a good italian meal in a long time here in LB. We needed this badly. You all must try Villaggios Ristorante.

  5. I can’t see why people continue to open pizza or Italian restaurants in this spot when you already have east end pizza, Gino’s and Sorrento’s which all in my opinion have great food.

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