Screw The Boardwalk Was A Success!

I was completely unable to attend the first Screw The Boardwalk event, but I just heard from John the organizer and it sounds like it was a complete success! John tells me: (We) had about 50 people and got nothing, but love from just about everyone that happened upon us: People yelling ‘thank you’ from apartment balconies, bikers and walkers doing the same. 

Based on the photos and feedback on the group’s facebook page, it looks like it was not only productive, but a load of fun! A big thanks to everybody who showed up!  Hopefully there will be more Screw the Boardwalk events in the future 🙂

Head over to the Screw The Boardwalk facebook group and check out the photos! The City of Long Beach official Facebook group has more photos as well. GOOD STUFF!

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