Are you Registered? (Special Needs Form for LBFD)

Guest Author Liz Treston

This weekend with the full moon and Sandy’s travel path still unknown it might be a good time to call the LBFD and register your home if you or someone in your home have a special need.

My goal is to ensure that homes with kids and adults with special needs are on a list similar to the FDNY’s. We have a list! It is under utilized. Please take a moment and call the LBFD and ask that they fill out a special needs form for your house. If you have someone in your household that may require special assistance during an emergency.

This is not mandatory. So if you feel I’m being too Big Brother you don’t need to call. Remember this is for EMERGENCY/LBFD and Emergency responders.  Don’t call and register if Toto has a hang nail, you have had too many libations or someone uses your parking spot for her motorcycle. I would like you to think that if you have a child sensitive to noise and the fire alarm goes off and if he or she runs and hides in a closet or under a bed that our Emergency responders would have a head’s up.

Is someone in your home deaf or hearing impaired, diabetic, visually impaired, have a mobility issue, a child on the Spectrum or other issue that warrants our First Responders to know when a call comes in? We’re a close community.  Hurricanes aren’t the only time to think disaster.  Times of electric loss, fire, a tropical storm, blizzard.  I think you get it. The information was placed in the Summer Hurricane newsletter, but if you’re like me city newsletters hit the recycle bin before they are fully read, especially the glossy ones as they just tick me off. And it’s October.  Thoughts of summer are dissipating too fast.

In quoting the bulletin:

“Preparedness for Seniors & People with Special Needs. If you have special needs, please be certain to register with the Long Beach Fire Department by calling516-431-2434. It is especially important for you to create a “grab-and-go” evacuation kit with the essentials you’ll need for a shelter setting. Be certain to bring medications, insurance and medical papers, warranties for medical equipment, contact information for doctors and therapists, and other information you might need on a daily basis. You can also get a copy of “Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities” from the American Red Cross by visiting:”

I’d also recommend FEMA’s site

If you know a neighbor that needs assistance please let them know to give a call.  Thanks.

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