Boardwalk Demolition Ceremony Was a Big Hit (but let’s not make it an annual event)

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The boardwalk demolition ceremony was necessary. We needed to have a chance to say goodbye to our old, beaten and splintered friend. Can you imagine nothing being said or done, then all of a sudden the boardwalk is gone? No. That’s why this event was necessary. We needed to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

For those who missed the ceremony, here is a quick run down:

A few local politicians said a few words. There was a prayer, a lovely poem, a history lesson & free wood. Yep, pieces of the boardwalk were handed out at the end of the ceremony.

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And because I always have something to say:

One thing I don’t understand is the attitude how we need to work on getting homes rebuilt and the LB Medical Center back in business before we do anything with the boardwalk. I just cannot understand that attitude. I’m sorry. Yes, it’s very important for us to get people back in their houses and for our medical center to be back, but it’s a completely separate issue! One has nothing to do with the other. Multitasking is not impossible.

The boardwalk is so vital to Long Beach in so many ways. It’s not just about property values,  jobs or all the countless charity marathons. The boardwalk is part of our family. It’s our way of life. It’s one of the reasons why we choose to live in Long Beach in the first place. Let’s face it, the boardwalk is fun and we are allowed to have some fun in our lives. The longer that boardwalk is down, the more depressed we will get. That is why I fully support our city council and manager for acting so fast on removal and (hopefully) the rebuild. We need our fun back asap!

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9 thoughts on “Boardwalk Demolition Ceremony Was a Big Hit (but let’s not make it an annual event)”

  1. The complaints about restoring the boardwalk and needing to get people home instead sounds like something only west end republicans would say. The two things are completely separate. One is city infrastructure. The other is on individual homeowners. I do not see how the two mesh. Only angry republican trash would think they are somehow conflicting. Kudos Anthony!!! Today was amazing.

  2. What’s the good of renovating and beautifying our houses after the storm if we have no protection from the ocean meeting the bay. Do you really think insurance companies will pay for house damages when this happens again. With climate change its a very real possibility that this will occur again in the near future. I attended the ceremony for the demolition of the boardwalk and was disgusted by the fact that not one politician mentioned how we are going to make the boardwalk stronger and safer, or how we are going to protect the people of long beach from high ocean surges. Who cares about how you got your first kiss on the boardwalk or how your daughter got engaged in Long Beach when many of us have lost our homes, cars and our livelihood and you can’t even inform us or let the people have a say in how they will be protected. Dunes that are currently being put on the beach but we all should know unless the dunes are rooted with vegetation they are not going to last or do much. Didn’t we elect a democratic majority to get rid of some of the corruption of the last administration. Seems like its business as usual, dumb down the public. All of the politicians spoke about their love for Long Beach, I guess that doesn’t include the people. What about the young people of Long Beach what memories will they have if you don’t protect them. We pay some of the highest taxes in the country in Long Beach How about using the money to protect our safety and our homes We must build a sea wall.

  3. Well said, Anthony. No one is suggesting the hospital or homes be forgotten while the boardwalk is restored and I do understand the anger and frustration of people who are still either displaced or living a marginal existence in a damaged home. I see the quick rebuilding of the boardwalk as a beacon of a return to normalcy for all of us and I fervently pray the rebuild can be accomplished quickly.

    While I am all for making improvements, let’s remember the boardwalk we have all come to love lasted 75 years and with better maintenance could have lasted longer. It is a boardwalk not a fortification. Improvements have to be made to the beach itself. We have been losing beach steadily for years. That must be addressed.

    But wherever you live be it beachside or bay, east end or west, remember that you signed on to take big chances when you decided to live so close to the water and there is only so much that can or should be done to protect your property from nature.

  4. Chris.
    Those who live in Lido Beach had so much less damage than we who lived in Long Beach why because they were smart enough to build dunes with vegetation. I know a storm like this has not happened since the 30’s but times are changing unfortunately we are dealing with man made climate change. We had the chance to protect this from happening if we would have taken measures such as those suggested by the Army Core of engineers. I love the Boardwalk and I am all for restoring it asap but rebuilding without truly protecting is horribly naive. Its like renovating house with faulty wiring. We all know it will eventually catch on fire. Lets learn from our mistakes and make changes or lets be stupid.

  5. Shelly, The city officials don’t know how they are going to make it stronger or safer yet. They are waiting for proposals as to how to make it safer and stronger. Then once they see their options they will pick the best one and put it out to bid. As of right now they are doing what they can until congress gets their act together. I see temporary dunes up and down the beach. The city is waiting for approval to place Christmas trees to help rebuild the dunes permanently and will be having a planting day in the West and East end with sea-grass. The city can’t make permanent dunes anywhere without permission from the DEC. That is what they are waiting for PERMISSION. So you can rant and complain but their hands are tied.

  6. curious bike, you seem to be equating the west end with republicans who are in our own words trash. Try not to be so generalizing. Many of us west enders are not tied to one party or another and want only what’s best for Long Beach. The whole party thing has gotten really old. We need to support each other and our great town instead of bickering about party lines or what side of town we live in.

  7. ok, I stand corrected. Then I guess we can blame the do nothing republican congress for the delay. Either way just as you educated me,at the ceremony they could have educated the people there.

  8. I think people forget: this is a barrier island. We cannot prevent storms from coming in and doing severe damage. However building smarter can limit the impact of such storms. Buildings such as the Algeria are just not smart (sunken lobby), look at the old houses in town, land raised several feet limits the damage. As for protecting against the bay flooding again, short of a retractable wall or raising the whole island I think we just need to learn and adapt to what Mother Nature throws at us.

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