Concrete with a Rubber Track for Runners [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #1]

A reader sent me the following boardwalk-rebuild idea, which uniquely addresses the “runner’s knees” issue if concrete were to be used. If you have an idea of your own, please email it to me and I’ll post it on the blog!

Dear Seabythecity,

I would like to share an idea I had in regards to the new boardwalk. We all know that a new one has to be built stronger and sturdier. Unfortunately the most cost effective way to provide this is concrete. As an avid runner on the boardwalk my legs and feet ache at this thought; however I feel there is a solution to this issue. If you look at the attached sketch (sorry I am no artist) you will notice a 10 foot running lane incorporated in the concrete made out of the rubber material most tracks are made of. This would supply for a strong platform but also present a cushioned running lane many people desire.

I have no idea if this is feasible. I was hoping that in talks with people you may have the resources to pass this idea along.

-Tom K.

(Click image below for larger view)


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14 thoughts on “Concrete with a Rubber Track for Runners [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #1]”

  1. How about you just build the whole thing in concrete !!
    if runners don’t like running on concrete —RUN ON THE BEACH !!!
    You can’t Please everyone ** No matter what they Build— somebody will whine about it
    There is a section of cement Boardwalk in Rockaway in the B40th street area and in the B70th street area *** Go look at it for yourself ***
    It was the only section of boardwalk that survived in the rockaways* The wood Boardwalk was lifted off its foundation and washed into peoples homes*
    The cement part had no damage and still can be used today !

  2. I like the concrete idea but you might want to check with the surfers on that. As long as its OK with them and it doesn’t hurt the waves, we should be in good hands.

  3. its not logical to use wood again. you need to get past that nostalgia. you have to replace wood planks about every 8 years. compare that with about 20 years for trex recycled material or about 70 years for stone pavers over concrete.

  4. The boardwalk shouldn’t affect the waves, but that doesn’t mean the surfers wont object to it one way or another. If the government is paying to rebuild the boardwalk, does the city have the luxury of deciding what material to use? Or does it have to be the same as before.

  5. the surfers WILL reject because we are not just surfers. we are citizens who vote and who do not sit back on issues but analyze them. we organize. And guess what, if LB just goes ahead and throws up another Boardwalk the same exact as before you can bet you will hear from us. you dont have to be a surfer to reject if the city plans to build the same exact boardwalk.

  6. Surfers rule. Let’s just stop all the speculation and guesswork and just chat up the first 10 surfers we encounter and their opinions will prevail. Let’s elect all surfers to the City Council, the City Manager, all the department heads, the city judges, cops, firemen etc. Then everything will be fine. Great waves for everyone. Free surfing lessons for everyone. Cowabunga dudes!

  7. I was told by an oldtimer that Boardwalks got their name from one of the first builders “Alexander Boardman” in Atlantic City. It was know as Boardman’s Walk which was later shortened to the familiar Boardwalk we all use.

  8. I propose that we build the entire boardwalk out of rubber. This would be ideal. The runners would be happy, no one would get splinters from bad wood or burnt feet from hot concrete. You could jump from your terrace and land on the boardwalk without traumatic injury. The rubber would also allow the boardwalk to stretch and sway during another storm….it would distort and eventually (like a “Stretch Armstrong” doll) resume its natural position again. We should also have rubber benches that would conform to our body shapes. This would prevent undue repetitive sitting stresses to the inactive. Please consider this idea….we would have and be famous for the only rubber boardwalk in the world.

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