MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Seeks Volunteers for Recovery Bulb Planting

Long Beach Seeks Volunteers for Recovery Bulb Planting

Long Beach, NY – The City of Long Beach is looking for volunteers to help plant flower bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Anyone who is interested in helping can meet at the Ice Arena at 9 am on January 19th and 20th. The bulbs and locations will be provided by the City.

“There are 30 parks throughout the city that are in need of planting,” states City Council President Scott J. Mandel. “This is going to be a terrific project for our community, and we are looking forward to seeing many residents assisting in our recovery process this weekend.”

Volunteers need to dress appropriately for outdoor gardening work.  They also need to bring small gardening tools to help with the planting.  The City will not be supplying any tools for this event. If you have any questions, please email with the subject “bulb planting” for more information.

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3 thoughts on “MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Seeks Volunteers for Recovery Bulb Planting”

  1. So let’s get these bulbs in ASAP. Certainly before the next northeaster or hurricane. Since there seems to be no plan for the bay adjacent areas regarding prevention of future flooding I assume bulbs will not be planted in these areas since they might just wash away.

  2. Awesome idea, but as usual I don’t trust our city to do it correctly. They won’t grow unless the salt-water soaked soil is replaced first. There was nothing growing on soil that got salt-water from Irene and if you’ve noticed the “evergreen” trees in LB are all brown and dead now.

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