Piers, Storm Protection, Knees & More! [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #2]

You people are so creative! Today I received another boardwalk idea, which contains some pretty detailed images. If you have an idea of your own, please email me and I will post it! So far I have two sent in, plus our boardwalk wish list. Let’s get this list going:

The following was submitted by Patrick. I love this idea because it addresses so many concerns, including: Storm protection, runner knees, drainage and esthetics. Check it out:

Dear SeabytheCity:

Shown below are some images of a suggestion I have for a replacement to our boardwalk. Our city now has a great opportunity and an obligation, to rebuild our oceanfront access for generations to come. Hopefully we have leaders who also can capitalize on this opportunity and not just simply repeat the past but be true leaders and reshape the future.

My suggestion would be a hard-sided earthen filled structure running the length of the beach with the seaward side having dunes sloping from the elevated structure to the beach. Anchoring the new boardwalk would be what I am calling “piers”, at locations across our ocean front. (e.g. New York, Riverside and Neptune). These “piers” would have bathrooms, limited concessions and lifeguard “shacks” built into them at beach level. On top of these “piers” would be benches and on concert night a great location for the setup of the bleachers.

The surface of the boardwalk would be concrete walking lanes (possibly stamped concrete), a “smooth” bike lane (NOT asphalt!) and a drainage area covered with wood for our running friends. The top of the structure would be a pathway similar to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk as shown here: http://www.visithollywoodfl.org/images/beach.jpg. On the street side there would be entrance ramps as shown in my image. I am not sure if the switchback idea would work since people pulling burleys and boards on their bikes could not negotiate the turn. But I do think each entrance should be as welcoming as possible, with some nautical themed concrete formed impressions on them. Similar to http://www.janetaustinart.com/scott-system.htm

I was also thinking of “mini-piers” sticking out half way between each entrance, these minis would be semi circles as in the image below but not as large, maybe one or two benches and  I think this would be a perfect location for the gazebos mentioned on this site.  I also have an idea for how vehicles would access the beach but that is probably getting ahead of it.

My apologies for my limited Photoshop skills, but Anthony has promised to lend me his “Photoshop for Dummies” book for my next submission.

Patrick M.

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10 thoughts on “Piers, Storm Protection, Knees & More! [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #2]”

  1. an interesting concept, however with a storm surge, the dune you have would permit the water to come right up to the top anyway. initially the dune would take water, but only for a limited time, at least to my way of thinking. this would happen in only the worst of storms. and you would still get flooding from the ends of the bordering communities

  2. This is attractive and would look great in a more urban environment but it, overall, just feels too “hard” from the street side. Additionally the wall would be very hard to keep graffiti free. Keep in mind this has to fit at the end of each Blvd and be tied into existing stone buildings.

    On the beach side, no matter what we do we have to have a dune and we have to take steps to build the width of the beach back to the 400 or so feet it was 20 years ago. The wider the beach the less destructive the wave action on the city. I have no idea how that is done but I do know if it isn’t done we are leaving ourselves open for more flooding from the ocean side.

  3. The beach park booth looks expensive and in most areas would have to be placed on the boardwalk. Having booths with access ramps on top ensures that we collect money/view passes from as many beach goers as possible

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