Hybrid-Composite Beams [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #3]

The ideas keep rolling in! So far we have three, plus the boardwalk wish list. As always, If you have an idea of your own, please email me and I will post it!

This next one comes from a non-profit group in Oceancity, New Jersey. Check it out:

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Dear SeabytheCity,

Our small non-profit has been working with an engineer John Hillman on designing a lightweight but heavy duty structure to replace Ocean City’s Boardwalk. The original conceptual proposal can be seen here: http://redoit.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/HCB-OCNJ-Proposal.pdf

This system could easily be used in Long Beach.

Design highlights relevant to an accelerated reconstruction of the Long Beach Boardwalk:

1. Lightweight beams can be installed quickly with light equipment.
2. Fast top down construction possible with each section becoming the staging ground for the next section.
3. Prelimary design and engineering already complete and applicable to boardwalks like Long Beach’s.
4. Long spans reduce the number of pilings which reduces costs.
5. High weight capacity to meet AASHTO codes. (Our design is rated to hold 72,000 lbs vehicles.)
6. Design exceeds wind and wave load codes.
7. Fabrication costs have dropped 30%+ since we started working with engineer. Now equal to traditional construction methods.
8. 100 year life span with minimal maintenance costs makes the life cycle costs better than traditional methods.
9. Class A fire rated
10. Existing Long Beach pilings would not have to be removed.


1. The HCB design replaces chemically treated timber or energy intensive concrete construction methods.
2. 100 year life span reduces the total life cycle carbon footprint of a boardwalk.
3. Uses 80% less concrete than a traditional concrete pier design that would be necessary to withstand Sandy-like storms events.



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HCB Boardwalk & Marine Structures


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