TimberSil Decking [This material looks just like wood and it seems perfect]

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.08.06 AMAlong with what was written in the last post (see –Hybrid-Composite Beams [Boardwalk-Rebuild Idea #3]), here’s more information on a material called TimberSil Decking, which seems to be a perfect replacement for our wooden boards. After all, IF THERE ARE NO BOARDS, WE CAN NO LONGER CALL IT A BOARDWALK!!!!!!

Check out this PDF: http://tinyurl.com/TimberSILPDF, or visit the TimberSil Decking website @ http://www.timbersilwood.com.

Dear SeabytheCity,

Featured on THis Old House, TimberSil is chemical-free and exempt from EPA regulation. Is is 50% stronger than chemically treated lumber, is Class A Fire Rated, and has a 40 year warranty.

Videos showing of much stronger it is than typical treated lumber can be seen here on the lower left. If you can get your city interested we can get enough material for a sample section to you guys.

Here is the PDF with all the information on TimberSil Decking: http://www.docspal.com/viewer?id=vloiqftb-2670160



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8 thoughts on “TimberSil Decking [This material looks just like wood and it seems perfect]”

  1. I think all of this discussion is very good. But the people here have no decision making powers. What is the city administration doing about this and perennial flooding on the bay side?

  2. TimberSil was the material I was referencing. I couldn’t think of the name. There are other benefits to the product which might be attractive to the city. http://www.timbersilwood.com/contactgov.html. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading and have concluded we either have to completely enclose the substructure or design the decking to give in the event of another storm like Sandy because the piers and substructure are the most costly part of the boardwalk and with a firmly attached decking the torque can severely damage the substructure if there is no give. Our cement piers are largely intact because the top broke away. I would think this requires some specialized engineering.

  3. Hi Chris. If attached properly a boardwalk and decking system should survive storm events intact but Mother Nature is doesn’t always play by the rules so the plans we’ve been working on would give LB the option have using removable decking panels. http://tinyurl.com/LBNYBWDESIGN

    Overwater piers are often designed now with breakaway decking that saves the substructure.


    There is enough time prior to storms like Sandy that LB could easily remove their decking to safety beforehand for far less than what rebuilding is costing.

  4. If the Seaside Heights boardwalk is 1 mile long and the rebuild cost is under $4 million ,why is the Long Beach Boardwalk rebuild cost estimated at $25 million. Is it the cost of union labor? Are the people demolishing the boardwalk actually insured by their employers? Do they have have health insurance or are they like most of the laborers you invite into your homes by local contractors, who do not pay taxes or have insurance on the people they hire. Are you getting what you are paying for or is someone getting rich on your dime? If we are going to pay top dollar, lets be sure we are paying a prevailing wage to individuals who have insurance when they walk into an emergency room, they contribute to social security and medicaid, and they pay taxes. Did you ever think what it cost when the guy cutting your lawn cuts a finger and needs 5 stitches. It does not cost him or his boss anything in most cases. It cost me and you. And people have the gall to complain about “Obamacare”

  5. That’s why we have to get a proper immigration law passed. So we get the deserving ones on the path to citizenship and so they get proper benefits and they as well as their employers pay taxes.

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