The Dune Christmas Tree Project EAST END / WEST END [ Community Events]

dunestreeThe Dune Christmas Tree Project. While I’m not quite sure whether or not this project is for long term protection, we do need some sort of shield from the ocean ASAP. One great idea which has been suggested is the use of Christmas trees inside piles of sand. This will give us instant make-shift dunes. Of course, a dune doesn’t do anything unless it has an established root system. The Christmas trees will sort of do that automatically.

There are two separate events this coming weekened to address this much needed emergency barrier and your help is needed:

Here is the The Dune Christmas Tree Project description of why and what’s going on:

The Dune Christmas tree project is a very important step to rebuilding the dunes. The trees trap the sand and quickly rebuild the dunes Sandy destroyed. Home Depot has donated 3000 trees to the City of Long Beach for this project. The dune project will be taking place on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27. We will be working on the east end dunes on Saturday and the west end dunes on Sunday.

[For the East End] All volunteers will meet at Pacific Blvd. and the beach on Saturday at 9 am.

[For the West End] All volunteers will meet at New York Ave. and the beach on Sunday at 9 am.

All volunteers need to be made aware that their clothing may be ruined while working on this project. The tree sap will stain their clothing, so dress appropriately.


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5 thoughts on “The Dune Christmas Tree Project EAST END / WEST END [ Community Events]”

  1. While its nice to have public participation in this, and its good that residents can contribute to something. You have to wonder – with 25 million for the boardwalk and news today about 10 million more to sift sand, why isn’t the City doing this work?

  2. In enlightened areas Christmas Trees have been used for years. Suggestions to do it here were vetoed by the City a few years back with threats of tickets for littering.

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