It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]


Written by Jennifer, A resident of Granada Towers 

You see it when you are coming down Park Avenue. You see it when you are crossing over the Michael A. Valente Bridge.  It once was a beautiful piece of architecture in the heart of Long Beach.  But as you are aware, Granada Towers is not in the best shape right now.  Now whenever I see my building from afar, besides being draped in scaffolding, all I see is a monstrous metal structure on top of my home.

Sometime back in July 2012, a team of contractors began building this cell phone antennae “sled” on top of my home. Imagine walking out into your backyard and looking up to see nine cell phone antennae beaming down on you!?!?!

Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would be permitted. While the City of Long Beach has granted AT&T “temporary” permission to do this, AT&T wants to make this new location permanent.

If you are able to attend the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to help me fight AT&T’s application for a variance, the meeting is this Thursday 1/24 at 7 pm at City Hall on the 6th Floor.

Please help me protect my home and preserve a landmark building in the heart of our beloved City. If we, the people of Long Beach don’t, who will?

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12 Replies to “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]”

  1. Long Beach is desperate for cell phone service now because all the verizon copper phone lines are permanently down, so cell service is all many people have.

  2. AT&T didn’t just up and start installing the tower, they got permission from someone and they are paying to use the space. You really should have a talk with your Co-Op board and/or the management company for the building. As others have pointed out, this is not the best time to try to get it dismantled. I find the scaffolding far more offensive to the eye and there seems to be no rush to remove that even though I have yet to see signs of work.

  3. Really? Some people are still struggling with insurance claims/FEMA/landlords/etc. and you’re trying to drum up outrage over functional equipment that’s an afterthought to the perpetual refurbishing eyesore of your “penthouse” building? Take your fiddle to the Co-Op board be happy your home was decimated like others in town…

  4. Love the blog by the way. This can only be true as it sound exactly like Long Beach:

    “Scott Kemins was not in but another man in the office, I’m not sure of his name but I think it might be Rich was there. I filled out a FOIL form and requested to see the permit application that must have been filed with the City to allow such a thing to built on a private residence.

    I was told that there wasn’t a permit because it was “pending.” I asked Rich to turn around in his chair to look out of the window (because you can see the structure from the Building Department office) and explain to me how, if the permit was “pending” why was this being built as we were speaking. He replied, “I don’t want to turn around.” I asked him, “Why?” He replied, “Because then I will see something that I don’t want to see.”

    ha ha – “i don’t want to turn around”!

  5. By the way, the building may be eligible for sandy relief besides direct fema aid under the historic preservation program approved by congress. However the NY state historic preservation office may not allow private owners like the ones at Granda towers to apply for grants, restricting the funds to municipalities and non profits who own the buildings. Contact senator schumer’s office at 631-753-0978 to express your thoughts on this.

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